[jja-announce] JJA Board of Directors Nominations

Susan E. Fox emelie at rcn.com
Mon Nov 6 16:26:53 EST 2006

Hi Folks,

It's that time of year again -- at the polls and at JJA. 

We need your nominations for the JJA Board of Directors.  Please send 
nominees to me by email with a short paragraph describing how the 
nominee would be effective in the JJA.  I've attached a position 
description for the Board so you'll have an idea of what's expected.  We 
will need all nominations submitted by *November 18th.

*Current Board members are:

Forrest Bryant
Francis Davis
Susan Fox
James Hale
Reuben Jackson
Fred Jung
Howard Mandel

We have up to four openings coming available as Francis, James, Howard 
and Fred can either have their terms renewed for another two years or 
conclude their service on the Board.

Best regards to all,

Susan Fox
emelie at rcn.com

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