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Ken Dryden jjaballot2007 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 12 06:30:18 EST 2007

Dear Members:

The 2007 JJA Jazz Award Nominations are due by March
2nd. Please nominate up to five names for each
category. Categories marked with an asterisk are
Lifetime Achievement awards, so previous winners are
not eligible. I will try to have a list of previous
winners sent out later today.

Nominations should be sent to this email address:
jjaballot2007 at yahoo.com

Please do not use any other email address or your
nominations may not be counted. Don't forget to print
your full name at the top of your ballot.

I could use 4-5 people to help tabulate the final
round of voting, please let me know at
jazzjournalist at yahoo.com if you are interested in
volunteering your time.


Ken Dryden

Lifetime Achievement in Jazz* - 

Musician of the Year - 

Up & Coming Musician of the Year* - 

Jazz Album of the Year - 

Jazz Reissue of the Year, single CD - 

Jazz Reissue of the Year, boxed set - 

Jazz Record Label of the Year - 

Jazz Events Producer of the Year - 

Jazz Composer of the Year - 

Jazz Arranger of the Year - 

Male Jazz Singer of the Year - 

Female Jazz Singer of the Year - 

Latin Jazz Album of the Year - 

Small Ensemble Group of the Year - 

Large Ensemble of the Year - 

Trumpeter of the Year - 

Trombonist of the Year -

Player of the Year of Instruments Rare in Jazz - 

Alto Saxophonist of the Year - 

Tenor Saxophonist of the Year - 

Soprano Saxophonist of the Year - 

Baritone Saxophonist of the Year - 

Clarinetist of the Year - 

Flutist of the Year - 

Pianist of the Year - 

Organ-keyboards of the Year - 

Guitarist of the Year - 

Acoustic Bassist of the Year -

Electric Bassist of the Year - 

Strings Player of the Year - 

Mallets Player of the Year - 

Percussionist of the Year - 

Drummer of the Year - 

Jazz Journalism Categories

Jazz Journalism Lifetime Achievement Award* - 

Excellence in Jazz Broadcasting/the Willis
Conover-Marian McPartland Award* - 

Excellence in Photography/the Lona Foote-Bob Parent
Award* - 

Excellence in Newspaper, Magazine or Online Feature or

Writing/the Helen Dance-Robert Palmer Award* - 

Best Periodical Covering Jazz - 

Best Website Concentrating on Jazz - 

Best Book About Jazz - 

Photo of the Year - (There will be separate
instructions as to how to send one JPEG of your photo,
please do not send them to this email address)

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