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HEY JJA members -- FYI... (forwarded to me by Jim Eigo,  
JazzPromoworks -- from great jazz deejay and JJA member Jim Wilke, to  
the Jazz Programmers Mailing list (free service provided by  
JazzWeek,  http://www.jazzweek.com/jpl) -- and please keep reading  
below the forward --

Subject: Re: [JPL] Jazz Grammys

Actually, we do have our own jazz awards presentation - It's just not
accompanied by weeks of general circulation fanzine type hype leading
up to a primetime TV event on a major network.  The Jazz Journalists
Association (founded in 1986) has been presenting The Jazz Awards each
June in New York City for the last ten years.  The JJA Awards really do
honor great musicianship and contributions to the jazz world.  Not only
individual musicians are honored, but also writers (of course) and
photographers, jazz websites, and jazz broadcasters like Linda Yohn,
Rhonda Hamilton, Steve Schwartz and last year's winner, Eric Jackson.

Here's a story on last year's awards:

I haven't heard any news about this year's jazz awards but they're
usually in June, and  Now, if we could figure out a way for the rest of
the country to care.....

For more info on the JJA see www.jazzhouse.org

Jim Wilke
Jazz After Hours, PRI

------ End of Forwarded Message

-- SO Jim Wilke has brought the Jazz Awards to the Jazz Programmers  
Mailing list attention -- and we in NYC, in LA and the Bay Area are  
trying to figure out how to put on 2007 Jazz Awards events so they  
will bring attention to our best musicians, journalists, and "A Team"  
jazz activists, advocates, altruists, aiders and abettors -- without  
overtaxing the time/energy resources of the volunteers who produce  
the show. News on dates and places and formats for our probably  
multiple parties is still to come. 

YET -- this is the time to be lobbying for nominees you believe  
deserve attention in the Awards. Please use the JJA's BBS or the  
membership database at Jazzhouse.org (username: jja; password: buzz;  
all lower case) to let us know whose accomplishments ought to be  
celebrated -- (contact James Hale, jehale at rogers.com and/or webmaster  
Whit, whit at transpect.com, if you have problems posting to the BBS).

ALSO: the JJA Jazz Awards board is ESPECIALLY interested this year in  
members' nominations for A Team honorees -- so if you know an  
educator, health-care provider, pro-bono professional, truly selfless  
jazz enthusiast, etc. who belongs in the excellent company of past A  
Team members, please e-mail HMan at jazzhouse.org with your  
suggestion . . .

And if we have professional fundraisers amongst the membership, also  
identify yourself to me, as soon as possible --

thanks, stay tuned,


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