[jja-announce] Please check your email trash folder for the JJA ballot

Ken Dryden jjaballot2007 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 21 09:48:12 EST 2007

The JJA Ballot for Nominations to this year's jazz awards was sent
  through JJA-announce at Jazzhouse last week. If you have not received
  the ballot, which was deliberately pasted into the email and not sent as
  an attachment, then you may have an overzealous email filter.
  Please check your trash bin. If you have still not received the nominations
  ballot, email me at the address above.
  Nominations are due by midnight, March 2nd.
  Please paste the ballot into your email, do not send it as an attachment.
  Only ballots sent to jjaballot2007 at yahoo.com will be tabulated.
  Please be sure to include your name at the top of the ballot.
  Remember that previous winners for lifetime awards are ineligible to win
  those same honors a second time.
  Thanks and please send in your nominations early!
  Ken Dryden

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