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Howard Mandel jazzmandel at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 27 11:12:09 EST 2007

Hi JJA members -- tonight, Feb 27, if you can please attend the JJA  
Jazz Matters in NYC on "Jazz From Afar" with the JJA's Russian  
correspondent Cyril Moshkow, Emmanuel Morlet from the French Embassy  
(he's the guy responsible for the French Jazz Festival at IAJE last  
month, among other initiatives), and Eugene Marlow, JJA member/ 
composer-pianist-journalism professor recently back from China and  
writing a book about our music there --

ALSO -- GET THOSE NOMINATIONS IN! The 2007 Jazz Awards will be  
determined on the basis of your five nominees in each of some 40  
categories celebrating excellence in jazz music, presentation and  
journalism.. Also: if there is an especially deserving jazz advocate,  
activist, altruist, aider and abettor in your neighborhood - a jazz  
educator, philanthropist or philanthropy, medical or other social  
service provider working with jazz people with extraordinary devotion  
-- nominate them for the JJA's A Team. Past A Team winners viewable  
at Jazzhouse.org, in the Library shelf for "Awards".

if you need the ballot again, e-mail Ken Dryden,  
jazzjournalist at yahoo.com --

best, Howard

Howard Mandel
c/o Village Postal
151 1st Ave.
NY NY 10003

phone 212 533 9495
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hman at jazzhouse.org

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