[jja-announce] Jazz Awards reservations, now!

Howard Mandel jazzmandel at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 23 14:25:05 EDT 2007

Hey JJA members --

We haven't had much publicity, but tickets for the party for the 11th  
annual JJA Jazz Awards, to be held this coming Thursday, June 28,  
from 2 to 4 pm at the Jazz Standard in NYC, are going fast. If you  
plan to attend, please make reservations now via charge card to  
secure server at Jazzhouse.org, or by sending an e-mail and followup  
check to Arnold Jay Smith (ajjazz9 at earthlink.net, 436 State St.,  
Brooklyn NY 11217).

Lunch (Jazz Standard bbq), soft drinks, a champagne toast thanks to  
BMI, Frank Kimbrough playing piano in tribute to Andrew Hill (thanks  
to Boosey and Hawkes), lots of nominees and fellow JJA members and a  
smattering of supportive jazz industry-associated attendees are going  
to make this year's party a unique and memorable affair. We have less  
than 1/4 the seating available at the Jazz Standard than we have had  
at B.B. King's for the past three years -- so this wiill be a more  
focused and intimate event. The members' ticket price of $35 is less  
than half last year's $75 charge -- and will go to support the Jazz  
Awards initiative plus other ongoing JJA efforts, including the  
publication of Jazz Notes, the instigation of panels and workshops  
and production of JJA membership meetings and parties.

Do you want to present a Jazz Award? A few Awards still are unspoken  
for -- and if you're coming, you can be considered as an onstage  
representative of the JJA. But you've got to let me know soon, for  
that! We will certainly pack the Jazz Standard on Thursday, and NO  

Hope to see you on Thursday - several of our A Team inductees will be  
there, too.

best, Howard

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