[jja-announce] hey members -- get your nominations in, pleeeeze

Howard Mandel jazzmandel at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 1 16:10:06 EST 2007

Hey everybody who's a regular, full-fledged professional (not support  
or student) member of the JJA -- (especially OFFICERS and BOARD  
MEMBERS, I mean you!) --

  NOW IS THE TIME to get your nominations ballot for the 11th annual  
JJA Jazz Awards in, to jjaballot2007 at yahoo.com. The polling place is  
due to close tonight! But we have decided to extend the deadline  
until the end of the weekend, March 4 at 12 midnight.

Below I have pasted in the ballot, which asks for up to 5 nominees in  
each category. Please cut and paste it into the body of a new email,  
put your name at the top, fill in as much as you're comfortable  
about, include nominees for the A Team Awards (for advocates,  
activists, altruists, aiders and abettors of jazz) -- and send that e- 
mail (and that e-mail only! other messages won't be read!) to  
jjaballot2007 at yahoo.com.

Please do it now. Now! Or very next thing -- !

Information on the JJA Jazz Awards events tentative scheduled for New  
York City, Los Angeles and the Bay Area in June-July will be  
forthcoming. So will the results of these nomination ballots, which  
will end up selecting 5 nominees  in each category to be finalists,  
up for the membership's vote in a second ballot. Watch your in-box.

best, Pres Howard --- HERE'S THE BALLOT TO CUT AND PASTE --

Lifetime Achievement in Jazz* (past winners

ineligible: Benny Carter, Max Roach, Sonny Rollins,

Cecily Taylor, Ornette Coleman, John Lewis, Clark

Terry, Dave Brubeck, Hank Jones, Roy Haynes)

  Musician of the Year -

  Up & Coming Musician of the Year* -

  Jazz Album of the Year -

  Jazz Reissue of the Year, single CD -

  Jazz Reissue of the Year, boxed set -

  Jazz Record Label of the Year (Note that individual

labels that are part of a conglomerate company will

end up being counted together):

  Jazz Events Producer of the Year -

  Jazz Composer of the Year -

  Jazz Arranger of the Year -

  Male Jazz Singer of the Year -

  Female Jazz Singer of the Year -

  Latin Jazz Album of the Year -

  Small Ensemble Group of the Year -

  Large Ensemble of the Year -

  Trumpeter of the Year -

  Trombonist of the Year -

  Player of the Year of Instruments Rare in Jazz -

  Alto Saxophonist of the Year -

  Tenor Saxophonist of the Year -

  Soprano Saxophonist of the Year -

  Baritone Saxophonist of the Year -

  Clarinetist of the Year -

  Flutist of the Year -

  Pianist of the Year -

  Organ-keyboards of the Year -

  Guitarist of the Year -

  Acoustic Bassist of the Year -

  Electric Bassist of the Year -

  Strings Player of the Year -

  Mallets Player of the Year -

  Percussionist of the Year -

  Drummer of the Year -

  Jazz Journalism Categories

  Jazz Journalism Lifetime Achievement Award* (previous winners  
ineligible: Whitney Balliett, Stanley Dance, Nat Hentoff, Dan  
Morgenstern, Ira Gitler, Gary Giddins, Gene Lees, Bob Blumenthal,  
Howard Mandel)

Excellence in Jazz Broadcasting/the WillisConover-Marian McPartland  
Award* - (past winners ineligible: Phil Schaap, Neil Tesser, Marian  
McPartland, Dr. Billy Taylor, Kenny Washington, Michael Bourne, Alyn  
Shipton, Steve Schwartz, Rhonda Hamilton, Eric Jackson)

  Excellence in Photography/the Lona Foote-Bob Parent Award* - (past  
winners ineligible: William Claxton, William Gottlieb, Herman  
Leonard, Jimmy Katz, Chuck Stewart, Enid Farber, Ken Franckling, Lee  
Tanner, Jack Vartoogian)

  Excellence in Newspaper, Magazine or Online Feature or Review  
Writing/the Helen Dance-Robert Palmer Award –

Best Periodical Covering Jazz -

Best Website Concentrating on Jazz -

Best Book About Jazz -

Photo of the Year - (Submit one only JPEG of your photo  directly to  
jazzhouse.org by 3/31, they will beposted for the final voting).

--please do not send them to this email address.

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