[jja-announce] couple of things

Howard Mandel jazzmandel at earthlink.net
Sun Nov 25 15:35:24 EST 2007

Dear JJA members --

#1 -- now's the time to post yr end-of-the-year bests lists at  
Jazzhouse.org -- please send them in whatever format you think most  
appropriate (but word files, of course) to me, hman at jazzhouse.org,  
and I'll pass them along to get them posted (with your name and  
affiliations, if you like).

#2 -- the JJA board -- Forrest Bryant, Susan Fox, James Hale, Reuben  
Jackson, Fred Jung, Gary Giddins, and myself -- has recommended the  
renewal of board positions for Forrest, Reuben and Fred, whose two- 
year terms are ending in December. If there are challengers to these  
candidates, please contact me for further discussion of the issues  
and alternatives.

#3 - the JJA has several panels slated at IAJE in Toronto in January,  
and we are currently trying to organize a small reception/cocktail  
party. Please let me know if you plan to attend IAJE, so we know how  
many jja members to expect at such a party.

thanks -- happy holidays (just over and comin' up) --

best, Howard

ps. -- and on a personal note, my book Miles, Ornette, Cecil -- Jazz  
Beyond Jazz has just been published by Routledge; if you're  
interested in review copies, please contact  
Chris.Bowers at taylorandfrancis.com


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