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Howard Mandel jazzmandel at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 1 14:40:52 EST 2008

Hi Members -- please go to www.jazzhouse.org/columbia to see more  
postings regarding last fall's first international conference of jazz  
journalists in the U.S., Jazz in the Global Imagination (held at  
Columbia U). There are photos, reviews (multi-lingual), and some of  
the papers/statements that were delivered during the events. And  
conference delegates -- if you haven't already sent us your  
presentations, please do so! We hope to stage another such conference  
this year, but have no firm plans about that yet.

Also: The 2008 Jazz Awards are being planned now. Ideas are welcome  
for intensifying the Jazz Awards' impact, emphasizing the national  
and international scope of the voting, making sure we have the best  
nominations available. Comments can come to me, Hman at jazzhouse.org,  
or James Hale, jehale at rogers.com. More on this soon --

best, Howard

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