[jja-announce] slight correction re JJA @ IAJE

Howard Mandel jazzmandel at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 10 08:01:32 EST 2008

Dear Members -- well, we're here (I've seen JJA VP James Hale, spoken  
to Stuart Broomer, who is co-chairing the Who Asked You Anyway  
clinics, and have heard from PDX Jazz Fest producer and JJA member  
Bill Royston; also heard Joel Harrison's Harbour Quintet at the Rex  
last night). It's cold, breezy, but no snow.

The NEA has informed me that its Jazz Masters reception on Friday is  
NOT open to everyone, but by invitation only. They're very sorry, but  
you know how budget constraints work. Also, the NEA reception is at 6  
pm, not 5, on Friday. Fortunately, the JJA party at the Novotel hotel  
is at 5 pm, and yes, everyone is invited to that.

hope to see you there/here -- Howard

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