[jja-announce] the Jazz Awards! and Jazz Foundation news

Howard Mandel jazzmandel at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 20 10:41:29 EDT 2008

Hi, JJA members -- my report on the 12th annual Jazz Awards, held  
Wednesday at the Jazz Standard, will be posted shortly (today, I  
hope) at Jazzhouse.org, along with some photos of the event by Enid  
Farber. An Associated Press article by Charles Gans has already been  
filed and there are mentions of the Awards on blogs at  
www.JazzWax.com, Fred Kaplan's concurring or dissenting votes at  
Stereophile, Hank Shteamer's Dark Forces Swing Blind Punches, James  
Hale's Jazz Chronicles. I bet I've missed some other mentions -- let  
me know about those I missed, please!

We had a good time -- food, music (by Hank Jones and Joe Lovano!  
Roseanne Vitro and Mark Soskin! The Miller Quartet and Igmar Thomas &  
the Cypher!), jazz masters including Roy Haynes, Frank Wess, Candido,  
George Wein, Dan Morgenstern and winners including Maria Schneider,  
Joe Locke, Anat Cohen, Jane Ira Bloom, present in abundance -- lots  
of other journalists and musicians, too -- news that Jazz Improv has  
scheduled its second Jazz Conference for the New York Hilton in  
January -- and perhaps most significantly, that the Jazz Foundation  
will offer free cancer screenings for uninsured musicians- and we  
hope jazz journalists. This is a news item that ought to be in  
diverse jazz publications, as soon as possible -- contact  
Amy at jazzfoundation.org for further information, and get it into your  
outlets now!

Happy summer, hope to see you at jazz fests in the next couple months  
-- Howard

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