[jja-announce] Jazz Awards, voting and tickets

Howard Mandel jazzmandel at earthlink.net
Sat May 24 11:00:33 EDT 2008

Hey members!

The 12th annual JJA Jazz Awards voting is now underway at  
Jazzhouse.org, as I wrote in a previous email. The JJA board would  
like to measure the membership's commitment to keeping the Awards  
going by the number of voters who participate in this election of  
representatives -- winners -- of honors for excellence in 41  
categories of jazz-making and jazz journalism. So please vote.

And the JJA is grappling with the significantly hard economic times  
of our former sponsors, several of whom have declined to contribute  
as they have in the past to defray the costs of our cocktail barbeque  
buffet and Awards manufacture. Fortunately, North Coast Brewery,  
makers of Brother Thelonious Ale, has agreed to be the beverage of  
the event (this is *really* good beer, by my palate), and we have  
other requests for sponsorship outstanding. But we want to fill up  
the Jazz Standard on Wednesday, June 18, and need to pay for  
ourselves and our guests, which is why members attending are asked to  
pay $40 (same as last year) for their tickets.

Please consider this event and your support of it a gesture of  
support for what the JJA is trying to do -- promote jazz and the  
interests of those like you who cover it in the media. Use the Jazz  
Awards as an opportunity to meet and hang out sociably with musicians  
and music industry honchos, besides your fellow journalists. We  
already have "we will attend" rsvps from many of the nominees --  
including "A Team" celebrants Chairman Dana Gioia of the National  
Endowment for the Arts and Dr. Valerie Capers, nominees Maria  
Schneider, Giacomo Gates, Christian Scott, Gerald Wilson, Roy Haynes,  
Matana Roberts, Matt Wilson, Marty Ehrlich, Steve Swell, editors of  
Jazz Times, AllAboutJazz, Jazz.com and JazzCorner.com and jazz  
journos including "best articles of the year" finalists Nate Chinen  
and Larry Blumenfeld. Add your name to the list by visiting  
Jazzhouse.org and ordering your ticket today!

thanks, people -- Howard

Howard Mandel
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