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howard Mandel jazzmandel at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 8 17:40:21 EDT 2009

Hey JJA members --

to try to expand the outreach and upgrade considerations of the JJA's  
annual Jazz Award for "Photo of the Year," John Abbott has kindly  
volunteered to collect nominees by email. The deadline for nominating  
photos is April 28, 2009 -- late submissions won't be considered.

I hope you got John's letter last week -- we had some problems with  
the list-serve. What we're asking for are nominations of photos taken  
or published between March 1 2008 and March 1 2009 (publication is  
suggested, but not required).

You, as a JJA professional member, can nominate any photo -- your own  
or one by any other photographer. To nominate your own photo, send  
YOUR NAME, CAPTION INFORMATION,  and a JPEG,  72 dpi resolution,  
longest side not more than 500 pixels (about 7 inches) to monkdizbird at yahoo.com 
   To  nominated someone else's photograph, submit the name of that  
photographer, their email address, and clear identification of the  
photo you are nominating (as they will be contacted and asked for a  

All submitted photos will be put on display at the website of the Jazz  
Journalists Association and voted upon by professional members of the  
JJA for a "Photo of the Year" winner to be announce at the Jazz Awards  
gala barbeque party June 16 at the Jazz Standard in New York City.

Any questions -- email John Abbott at monkdizbird at yahoo.com or me at jazzmandel at earthlink.net

best, Howard

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