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howard Mandel jazzmandel at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 21 19:41:56 EDT 2009

Dear Jazz Journalists Association members and friends --

Response to the call for a meeting about the JJA's proposed conference  
on jazz journalism has been strong -- but from so many people from far  
away that instead of doing this meeting at the New School Jazz and  
Contemporary Music program in New York City, we're taking it online.

Rather than in person in a room in the Village, we'll meet on the net  
at Jazzhouse.org-- stiill on Thursday August 27 but now starting 8 pm  
New York City time  (EDT).  Using unique software we -- you reading  
this email and anybody else on the internet, anywhere -- will be able  
to brainstorm about the programming of the JJA's proposed conference  
on "Jazz Journalism in Transition: Audiences and Outlets in the 21st  
Century," contributing in real time to a freewheeling (but moderated)  
multithread discussion following from a posted agenda (though not  
limited by it).

You don't have to download anything -- the necessary software operates  
at Jazzhouse (it's developed and trademarked by JJA webmaster Whit  
Blauvelt). Administrator/moderators (me and a couple others) and  
panelists (you and I will be in touch) need login passwords which I  
will supply, but everyone with web-access and good ideas how topics,  
formats, programs, guest speakers for a three day conference about the  
future hands-on professional operations of freelance and/or staff jazz  
journalists (writers including bloggers, photographers, broadcasters,  
new media producers ) is invited to pitch in with suggestions, read  
all the typed "conversation" being as it unfolds in real-time, lurk or  
join in.

To those NOT IN NORTH AMERICAN TIME ZONES  --  the online discussion  
will be go to sleep New York-time Thursday night, but resume at 9 am  
New York-time Friday morning, for your convenience. The JJA's Western  
and Eastern European, Asian, Australian and African members and  
colleagues are specifically invited to be part of this online chat --

ALSO: this online  will be fully archived, but password protected for  
later access by participants and JJA members only.

I will send login instructions to those of you who will be panelists.  
We will post instructions at Jazzhouse on how to use Interactiview  
(which is fairly self-explanatory, but nonetheless can be opaque at  
first). An abstract of the JJA's conference, which as proposed is  
scheduled for January 7 through 10 at facilities at Jazz at Lincoln  
Center, is also there. That document has the jazz journalism  
conference basics as per our grant applications.

Please email back with any questions. Doing this meeting online makes  
a lot of sense -- it's much more relevant to the future-of-journalism  
culture we're trying to propagate. I hope you'll join in, and since  
this interactive format can accommodate large numbers, please spread  
the word to jazz and music journalists and stakeholders who might not  
hear about it directly from the JJA. --

thanks, Howard Mandel
president, JJA

Howard Mandel
jazzmandel at earthlink.net
phone 212 533 9495
mobile 212 533 4952

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