[jja-announce] use your Jazz Awards nominating privileges!

howard Mandel jazzmandel at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 13 13:25:37 EDT 2009

Hi JJA members --

there's only one day left until nominations for the 13th annual JJA  
Jazz Awards are closed -- so use your full membership nominating  
privilege today, if you haven't already. You can get a ballot -- or  
return the one you downloaded and have filled out -- from Chris  
Kelsey, chkelsey at live.com. We're depending on you (and you and you) to  
list up to 5 nominees in each of 40 categories; top nominees in each  
category will advance to the next ballot stage. So please consider who  
did the best work in jazz and jazz journalism, and what that work was,  
from March 1 2008 to March 1 2009 -- give us your conclusions, and  
let's see who we agree upon. Please do it now! Or anyway, today! The  
nominations will close at 6 p.m. on Saturday, March 14.

thanks, Howard

Howard Mandel
jazzmandel at earthlink.net
phone 212 533 9495
mobile 212 533 4952

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