[jja-announce] JJA membership secretary

Howard Mandel jazzmandel at aol.com
Fri Oct 9 13:55:38 EDT 2009

Dear JJA members --

Our organization needs a new membership secretary. This is an unpaid  
but absolutely necessary position, with responsibilities to receive  
and welcome new members, supervise the dues payment schedule and  
maintain the membership database. It's detailed work which requires  
attention to online and occasionally snail-mail correspondence, but  
probably requires little time once the secretary has set up a system.  
The JJA's membership secretary does not have to live in New York City.  
If you're interested, please email or call me.

thanks, Howard

Howard Mandel
jazzmandel at earthlink.net
phone 212 533 9495
mobile 212 533 4952

see my blog:

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