[jja-announce] 14th annual JJA Jazz Awards nominations

JJA, President president at jazzjournalists.org
Fri Apr 16 16:17:18 EDT 2010

Hey Members -- you shouldn't be the last to know! Go to either of these
links to see the official JJA Jazz Awards finalists ballots. Thanks to those
of you who were nominators -- and everyone: please tweet about the Awards,
become a fan on the JJA's Facebook JJA Awards fan page, register for feeds
about the Awarsd at www.JJAJazzawards.com. Think about whether you know a
jazz fan who is a high placed executive in a company that could be asked to
support the Jazz Awards -- and consider if you'd like to be involved in a
Jazz Awards satellite party near your home, if you don't plan to get to the
JJA Awards event in NYC on June 14 (at City Winery).

News on voting for this ballot and also buying tickets for the Awards is to
come. But you'll know right away! Now take a look at this surprising,
broadly representative ballot recognizing more than 180 nominees in 41
categories of excellence in jazz and jazz documentation. I hope you're as
proud as I am of this excellent field --


also (better organized, with links) --


best to everyone -- Pres. Howard

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