[jja-announce] better Jazz Awards noms link, and how to use Twitter, Fbook to help the JJA help you

JJA, President president at jazzjournalists.org
Fri Apr 16 19:46:07 EDT 2010

Dear all,

Sorry for the repeat emails -- that second link to Nominees link was wrong
(it asked you for a login)

Here (we hope! -- we can't test it from within our system) is the correct
no-login link:


the Awards website is   http://www.jjajazzawards.org

*If you are on* *Twitter*

   - please *TWEET about the awards using #jjajazzawards*

(Yes, DO tweet about your articles and posts about the Awards)

Bonus: Any tweet that includes #jjajazzawards or the exact words "JJA Jazz
Awards"  will appear on the Awards website

   - Please *FOLLOW @jjajazzawards*

   - Please *RT @jjajazzawards*

*If you are on Facebook*

   - Please  become a "Fan" of our Facebook page: http://tinyurl.com/y85gg9k
   - Please post comments ("updates") on the Fan page (yes, DO post links to
   your articles about the Awards, but also just comment about anything related
   to the awards-- say something your Facebook friends will want to comment on
   - When you receive updates from the Fan page, please "share" them with
   your own Facebook friends

Thanks. Supporting the Awards supports the JJA, supports jazz, and supports
your own work by bringing it to the attention of the greater, younger,
media-savvy audience out there.


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