[jja-announce] Jazz Notes: an update

David R. Adler david at adlermusic.com
Wed Feb 3 17:26:22 EST 2010

Dear friends and colleagues,

Re the Jazz Notes deadline: I never sent out my usual 10-day reminder, in
part because we are in the midst of reconfiguring Jazz Notes (and changing
its name). I do not have further details at this time, but rest assured this
will only mean better, wider dissemination of all contributors' materials
and more up-to-date professionalism all around. And I will still be relying
on you all for News of Members items, book reviews and other contributions
going forward. The quarterly publication schedule will likely be a thing of
the past, as we veer toward something a lot speedier and more New
Media-friendly. I'll keep you closely updated.

Meanwhile, let's stick to the current approach and say the deadline for News
of Members items and other such things is now officially February 10. Please
have all materials in by then, please.

Thanks so much for your support and participation during what is sure to be
an exciting and highly beneficial transition.


David R. Adler
Editor, Jazz Notes


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