[jja-announce] workshops at our jazz conference

howard Mandel jazzmandel at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 4 18:24:27 EST 2010

Hi members --

The two hands-on JJA eMedia workshops  organized for the jazz  
journalism conference we're having over Jan 8 through 12 accept a few  
more participants.

On Saturday morning, the professional production services company  
Mediakite has generously offered JJA members and colleagues a free 90- 
minute session on basics of video production for the web. The kind of  
video jazz journalism that Bret Primack has pioneered, that Greg  
Thomas is doing with his online video mag "Jazz It Up!" that  
JazzCorner.com is featuring on JazzVision, and that a few others among  
us have begun to think of as a way into the future is the topic.  
Questions like "what's a short video story?" "what to shoot?" "how to  
deal with low lighting and noisy conditions?", "how to edit" and "how  
to post on the web" will be addressed. You don't need to have previous  
experience with video, but if you have equipment -- like a Flip pocket  
camera and its equivalent, or a more elaborate camcorder, bring it.  
Pre-registration is necessary, as  only 18 people can be accommodated.

Video for the Web, Mediakite Training Center, 247 W. 30th St. between  
6th and 7th Ave's at 11 am, Jan 9. Pre-register by  filling out this  

On Monday afternoon, JA Kawell of Ozmotic Media conducts a clinic on  
blog basics and intermedia steps. Ms. Kawell, a former news reporter  
and editor at both NPR and Pacifica Radio and contract advisor to the  
National Writers Union -- who has been working with non-profits on  
online matters since the late '80s and has consulted the JJA on many  
of its new media initiatives -- has broken the session into two parts:  
basics including how to set up a blog and use social media to  
disseminate it from 2 to 3 p.m., intermediate considerations such as  
improving blog content, measuring and expanding audiences, and maybe  
making $ from your blog (!!) from 3 to 4. You can attend all or part  
of this workshop.

Blogging Basics and More, New School Jazz Performance Space, 55 W.  
13th St., NYC, Jan 11, 2 to 4 pm Jan. 11. Pre-register by filling out  
this form.

If you do not see live links above, please email me at President at jazzjournalists.org 
. And please spread word of these workshops, plus the rest of our  
conference, to non-affiliated journalist colleagues.


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