[jja-announce] time to renew

howard Mandel jazzmandel at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 31 07:56:10 EST 2010

Dear JJA members --

Yes, this message is for  members of the Jazz Journalists Association,  
sent through the organization's group email. It's a request: if you  
haven't renewed your dues during the past 12 months or longer, please  
go to http://jazzhouse.org/renew to charge your secure payment now.

Annual membership in the JJA is $75 for full professional members,  
$300 for support members (non-voting) and $25 for student members (non- 
voting). Dues to our 501 (c) (3) professional organization haven't  
changed for a decade, and are fully tax deductible.

All is forgiven if you didn't renew in 2009 -- or perhaps since 2008,  
or if you've been delinquent even longer. If you want to rejoin, do it  
now, please, clicking here: http://jazzhouse.org/renew.  Members who  
don't renew face suspension of voting privileges in the 14th JJA Jazz  
Awards, for which ballots will be due on April 15, 2010 and loss of  
discounts for tickets to the Jazz Awards in June.

If you have indeed paid dues during the past year, disregard this  
notice -- we have your records. Indeed, new membership secretary, Jo  
Ann Collins membership at jazzjournalists.org and treasurer Eugene Marlow treasurer at jazzjournalists.org 
  have recently collaborated to improve JJA membership-tracking. I'm  
trying to save Jo Ann and Gene and you some work time by saying -- you  
know if you've paid over the past year or not -- and in truth, a lot  
of you haven't. So hit this link -- http://jazzhouse.org/renew -- and  
re-subscribe to your active, on-it professional organization. All  
comments and ideas are welcome --

Howard Mandel
president at jazzjournalists.org

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