[jja-announce] announcing the JJA's new members' site

howard Mandel jazzmandel at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 15 01:44:06 EDT 2010

GREAT NEWS: The JJA's new Member Site/Office is now open! Help us move  
into this new online office.
ACTION POINT:  If you are or were a JJA Member -- whatever your  
current status -- and you want to stay on the JJA membership rolls,  
you MUST login to the site, update your record and complete your  
membership profile.
You can go to the site right now and follow the login instructions

(NOTE: there's no "www." in this url; http://jja.camp8.org may  
sometimes appear as an alternate URL that gets you to the same place.)
BENEFITS: the new site will allow us to:
*Create searchable JJA Member Directories -- one public, one viewable  
only to fellow JJA members; you customize them both;
*Determine eligibility for member discounts, Awards voting, etc. -- if  
you are not shown as an active, paid-up member on the site, you won't  
get member benefits, so check your status now and please renew  
(reactivate) your membership if you are shown as "lapsed". Notify us  
if you believe the status shown is incorrect.
* Administer most JJA email lists --this one will soon be defunct. So   
if your correct address isn't in the new "office files" we won't be  
able to contact you.
*Administer all JJA Member records-- All JJA member applications and  
renewals will now be made and processed online; we strongly urge you  
to pay online as well.
*Send out automatic membership renewal reminders -- starting two  
months before your renewal is due;  if you haven't renewed by 45 days  
after your due date, your JJA membership will automatically lapse and  
you'll lose member benefits.
*More easily create special interest or geographical groups for  
organizing events, etc.
AGAIN: You can go to the site right now and follow the login  
http://members.jazzjournalists.org     ( there's NO "www")
If you can't visit the site immediately, or when you visit you can't  
log in despite following the instructions on the site, LOOK FOR  
If you DON'T get THAT email, it means we didn't  transfer your contact  
information properly, or there is some other problem. So please write admin at jazzjournalists.org 
   We don't want to lose you in the transition!
When you DO get the email, if you haven't done so already, please go  
to the new site and LOG IN as soon as possible to check and update  
your Member Profile. We want to start publicizing the Member Directory  
to the public as soon as possible so you can benefit from being  
included. But we can't do so until a "critical mass" of members have  
filled out their profiles.
This change has been a long time coming and the JJA administration is  
really excited about it. It should help us greatly improve our  
recordkeeping and communications with you.
The JJA has never had a paid office staff (or even a physical office)  
-- which has contributed to making past record-keeping less than  
perfect. We've worked hard to fill in the gaps as we made the move to  
the new online system -- but there are likely still errors we didn't  
catch. Please help us find and fix them now. Log in, view your own  
record, correct and update it. Any changes you make in your profile  
will automatically be made in our administrative records. You don't  
need to notify us  except if you can't login at all or your Membership  
level or payment status is shown incorrectly. You can't change those  
Finally, we know the "office" website itself still needs a lot of  
tweaking and editing. Send all comments including suggestions for  
improving the user instructions or the contents of the site to: admin at jazzjournalists.org 
  and president at jazzjournalists.org.
President Howard

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