[jja-announce] Jazz Awards tix & parties

JJA, President president at jazzjournalists.org
Sun Jun 6 20:08:13 EDT 2010

Dear JJA members --

The votes are in, the sponsors lined-up, the bands hired, the food ordered,
the program book on its way -- and the 14th annual JJA Jazz Awards will be
celebrated at City Winery, New York City and at satellite parties around the
US -- maybe the world! -- on June 14, starting at 3:30 Eastern Daylight
Time, with streaming live video at www.JJAJazzAwards.org.

There's still time to buy tickets for the NYC event -- $75 to JJA members to
attend both the ceremony (at which this year's recipients of Jazz Awards
will be announced, "A Team" and Jazz Heroes introduced) and the reception
starting at 5 pm, with food, drink, party favors and four bands performing.
Tickets to the entire event cost the general public $150, but $75 tickets
are available all who just want to attend the reception. All ticket choices
can be accessed via "Get Tickets" at JJAJazzAwards.org.

If you're not in NYC, you can see the streaming video at JJAJazzAwards, and
twitter messages to us using the #jjajazzawards tag -- we hope to read them
from the stage. Better still, you can go to one of the JJA's satellite
parties, which are free everywhere: at the Jazzschool in Berkeley CA, where
Jazz Hero Khalil Shaheed will be in attendance; at Outpost Performance
Space, Albuquerque, at the home of Mikayla and Micheal GIlbreath in
Scottsdale Arizona ( email m.gilbreath at cox.net for info on the place and how
to get there), at the Triple Stage in Seattle (thanks to Earshot Jazz -- JJA
members Doug Ramsey, Tom Conrad and Lloyd Peterson will be there), in
Chicago at Joe Segal's Jazz Showcase (jazzshowcase at jazzshowcase.com for

There are still possibilities of having parties in Los Angeles, Portland
Oregon, Boston and Washington DC -- if a JJA member or team of JJA members
want to take on the last minute arrangements. Parties can be simple, just a
few jazz friends sitting around talking about the state of things, glancing
when they want to at a computer screen where the Jazz Awards will be
streaming -- but let us know they're happening and we can give you specifics
on how to get your photos from your event up on our flickr site, among other
things. Get back to me and/or Joanne Robinson Hill, cc'd here as
JazzFund at verizon.net -- she's helping us keep track of all such activities.

Thanks for voting -- for  maintaining andrenewing memberships --- for your
ongoing interests in the JJA. The Awards are growing this year, leading we
hope to success in other programs of the JJA which are intended to benefit
all members. Go to JJAJazzAwards.org, also see JJANews.org, don't forget
Jazzhouse.org, be in touch --

(congratulations to JJA Vice president Yvonne Ervin on her marriage next
week can be sent to: VP at Jazzjournalists.org.

Pres Howard

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