[jja-announce] New Member Updates editor - take note!

David R. Adler david at adlermusic.com
Tue Jun 15 20:58:39 EDT 2010

Dear colleagues,

Great to see many of you at yesterday's Jazz Awards - thanks for making the
event(s) a success! Please watch JJANews.org for additional coverage,
reactions, photos, etc., and please don't hesitate to chime in yourself (I'm
at editor at jazzjournalists.org).

But mainly, I'm writing to let you know that we have a new Member Updates
editor for JJA News. From this point forward you'll be sending your Member
Updates (formerly known as "News of Members") to Michael J. West, at this
email address:

membernews at jazzjournalists.org

In a previous message I stated that we'd no longer be imposing copy
deadlines for the Member Updates column. But on reflection, it seems best to
run these columns about once a month, and we have to put the deadline

So here it is:

**Please send your Member Updates to Michael J. West at
membernews at jazzjournalists.org within the next week.**

Reminder: A Member Update is one brief paragraph beginning with your name,
just as you see here:


In addition, if you are a new JJA member, please send a single-sentence New
Member bio to membernews at jazzjournalists.org, following precisely the format
you see on this page:


Thanks for your assistance and enjoy the start of summer!

Very best,

David R. Adler
Editor, JJA News
editor at jazzjournalists.org

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