[jja-announce] Jazz Awards nominations redux

JJA, President president at jazzjournalists.org
Thu Mar 4 13:40:07 EST 2010

Hi JJA members --

The JJA Jazz Awards nominations ballot has been posted for downloading at

There was an address mistake in the ballot sent out previously as an
attachment to a jja-announce email; we left an 's' off the return address.
So if you have sent in your nominations already to the address --
jazzawardsnom at jazzjournalists.org it probably bounced back to you -- we
didn't get it.

Please send completed ballots to: JazzAwardsNoms at jazzjournalists.org.

Those who have made nominations can get a a digital badge to put on your own
website or blog that shows you're a nominator. Write to me,
President at JazzJournalists.org for that, please. If you want to see it, check
out my blog at www.artsjournal.com/jazzbeyondjazz.

Please note that *only paid-up full professional members of the JJA can
nominate or vote in the JJA Jazz Awards*. So ple*ase please please renew
your dues and nominate*. You can renew dues (still only $75 per year) by
going to:

See our new Jazz Awards website -- go to www.jjajazzawards.org . If you want
to post comments on this website about the Jazz Awards, send your comments
for posting to me.

If you have not paid dues in more than a year, all past-dues are forgiven
but pay up now! We need you as members, and we think you need the JJA as an
active organization within the greater jazz community keeping pressure on
organizations and companies to recognize the importance, value, significance
of jazz journalists in the overall jazz ecology. This lobbying is working --
as upcoming reports on the January jazz journalism conference during NEA
Jazz Masters ceremonies and the APAP convention will detail.

Please nominate! The 14th annual Jazz Awards is going to be bigger, better,
and raise the profile of excellence of everyone involved.

thanks and best to all --  Pres Howard

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