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Sun Mar 14 13:05:16 EDT 2010

JJA members (paid-up professional members only!) -- nominate up to 5 in each
of 40+ categories for the 2010 Jazz Awards today, March 13 (or by midnight
tomorrow, March 14). Get a ballot at Jazzhouse.org and send it back,
completed, to JazzAwardsNoms at JazzJournalists.org.

Visit JJAJazzAwards.com, our new website about the Awards -- and if you want
to post thoughts/opinions/news about the Awards there, send your posting to
JazzAwardsNoms at JazzJournalists.org. If you intend to post frequently,
contact President at JazzJournalists.org about getting an author's account).

For a digital button to put on your blog/website/facebook page saying that
you're a nominator, email JazzAwardsNoms at JazzJournalists.org.

For information on how to nominate a photo, contact
John at JohnAbbottPhoto.com.

Please take the time to nominate, so the JJA can honor the best in jazz
music, presentation, production and journalistic documentation from
March 15 2009 up to March 15 2010 --

thanks to all -- JJA Jazz Awards Committee

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