[jja-announce] the new JJA News!

JJA, President president at jazzjournalists.org
Mon May 10 10:05:03 EDT 2010

Hi JJA members -- introducing our new JJA News, an info hub with the
potential to go far beyond Jazz Notes in serving both JJA members and the
general public. See it at http://www.jjanews.org. And subscribe right away!
Doing to, you will be served with immediate headline news whenever anyone --
you included -- posts something new on the site.

In the future we won't be using jja-announce to let you know there's a new
"edition" ready, as we did with Jazz Notes. JJA News -- edited by David
Adler, designed by Forrest Bryant -- will publish continually, not
once-ever-three-months. You ***must*** subscribe individually if you want to
stay informed about the JJA, your fellow members and other news that affects
us as jazz journalists.

There are three ways to subscribe --

When you visit http://www.jjanews.org, look in the right side sidebar for
"Subscribe to JJA News" and the row of  icons right under the Jazz Awards
box. There are three ways to subscribe. Pick whichever suits you best:

*EMAIL -- click the envelope icon and you'll be taken to a page where you
can enter your email address. (You'll get a confirmation email which
***requires your response***  to activate your subscription.)  If you
subscribe this way, you'll get an email each time a new article is added to
the page.

*TWITTER-- If you use Twitter as a "headline service", click the Twitter "T"
to follow JJA News. A headline and link back to the site is tweeted each
time a new article is added.

*RSS feed-- If you use an RSS feed reader you know how this works; click to
subscribe as you do on any site.

The new site isn't just for JJA Members, so please encourage your friends
and fellow jazz fans to subscribe, too. (We'll soon have a special "Members
Only" section, accessible by password, for internal news and special
reports.) Spread the word about this site via your own email lists, Facebook
page status updates, Twitter tweets, anyway you get the news out.

The other important aspect of JJA News is that it will thrive on ***your
contributions****. As a JJA member, you get news and you make news. We want
news about the business of jazz journalism, and your news of your new works.
David Adler will still make assignments of articles, book reviews, photo
spreads, etc -- but as a JJA member it is your ***responsibility*** as well
as privilege to contribute to JJA News, for the greater knowledge of the
entire membership and others interested in your jazz journalism.
Contributions WILL BE EDITED for length, clarity and incisiveness. If you
want to do a substantial piece, we suggest you query edit at jjanews.org.
However, unsolicited articles by JJA members will be considered and usually

You can have your blog listed in the right hand column -- send an email with
its url to edit at jjanews.org. There are also opportunities to work on JJA
News as a co-editor or assistant to the editors -- contact
edit at jjanews.orgif you have interest in committing regular effort to
this new initiative.

We're very excited about the potential of JJA News. Please take a look at it
-- and ***subscribe*** -- today!

Pres Howard

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