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News & Views 
by Charles Walton

Jazz Cruise
Allen Mahone
Freddie Reed
Walter Perkins
Sid McCoy
The Band Box 

Bronzeville conversation with Artie Frazier

"I started working in the Sutherland Lounge in fall, 1958, when they
started having big name entertainment with Billy Taylor and his trio.
Lew Alport, who was white, was manager of the Lounge and my boss. They
had a packed house, most of the time, predominately people connected
with show business."
-by Charles Walton

Classic Recordings: Duane Tatro
"If, as Nabokov claims, human life is a series of footnotes to a vast
obscure unfinished masterpiece, then perhaps Duane Tatro's career in
jazz might be described as a footnote to a footnote in the obscurest
part of the masterpiece."-by Stuart Nicholson

Parker, PeeWee and Pierce

"Being loaded is one of the hazards/fringe benefits of writing about
jazz. Whilst it is usually a pleasurable condition it militates against
the accuracy of the subsequent writing. Frequently it obliterates it
totally....So, in 1981, when Nat Pierce and I sat up all night listening
to music, I left a cassette recorder running (with Nat's knowledge)."
-by Steve Voce

Jazz Tributes: Jackie Allen and Thelonius Monk

"In the December 2003 issue of down beat, critic Dan Ouellette asks
several jazz musicians, 'To Whom Would You Record A Tribute?' Three of
the five musicians answer the question head-on with their own
nominations, but the other two, Chris Potter and Mary Stallings, pause
to consider the pitfalls of tribute albums."
-by Tom Cunniffe

Cecil Taylor at the SF JazzFest 2003

"This year, the only event on the San Francisco Jazz Festival schedule
that I had a chance to check out was the solo piano evening with Cecil
Taylor. Actually, it was the only event that really piqued my interest.
It seemed as if I had seen everyone on the bill at some other Fest or
concert locally, or they just did not excite me. And as it turned out,
the solo concert was not really solo."
-reviewed by Rahsaan Clark Morris

Most Valued Player: Lee Morgan

"Prodigious instrumental technique has never been guarantee of
worthwhile music. When a jazz musician with technique to spare has a hit
record then, as a rule of thumb, critics reach for their poison pens.
Often, so far as they're concerned, such a musician is pandering to
public taste. Such an attitude is doubly insulting, firstly to the
public at large, and secondly to the musician in question."
-by Nic Jones

JIC news

The annual Jazz Fair returns Thursday through Saturday, January 22-24,
2004 at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Congratulations to JIC board Vice President, educator, social scientist,
activist, and author Timuel Black, whose book, Bridges of Memory: An
Oral History of Three Generations of African-Americans in Chicago has
hit the streets. Professor Black's collection of famous and little-known
African-Americans includes dialogues with politicians and musicians,
artists and businessmen, journalists and civil rights/union activists.
Copies of the first of three volumes published by Northwestern
University Press can be found soon at your local bookstore.
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