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The Friends of Dr. W.F. Willoughby, an auxiliary of Englewood Hospital=20=

and Medical Center, is currently planning the 50th Anniversary Garden=20
Party for Sunday, September 28 at 4 PM at the Medical Center.  The=20
event will include the groups=92 traditional fundraiser jazz concert=20
featuring internationally acclaimed tenor saxophonist Houston Person,=20
the official announcement of the recipients of the nursing scholarships=20=

made possible by the proceeds of the event, and a celebration of the=20
Friends=92 long history of service to the Medical Center.

Organizers are seeking items of interest related to the group=92s=20
history, including memorabilia, photos, newspapers clippings and=20
personal remembrances.  Also being collected are updates and=20
testimonials from previous scholarship recipients and Garden Party=20
guests and supporters.

Material should be sent to the Friends of Dr. W.F. Willoughby, c/o=20
Englewood Hospital and Medical Center Foundation, 350 Engle Street,=20
Englewood, NJ, 07631 or emailed to leslie.mayor@ehmc.com.  Senders=20
should include their addresses and daytime phone numbers.  Requests to=20=

be included on the Garden Party guest list also can be sent to those=20
addresses.  For more information about the Friends or the Garden Party,=20=

call 201-567-3961.

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is home to the Dizzy Gillespie=20
Memorial Fund.

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