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Rozanne Levine rozmark at bellatlantic.net
Thu Apr 29 18:48:35 EDT 2004

Dear Friends,

We'd like to invite you to the first annual MAYDAY ART & MUSIC FESTIVAL at
111 First Street (the Lorillard Building) in Jersey City, NJ.  The festival
runs from 1PM to 10PM, with RoMarkable - Mark Whitecage & Rozanne Levine
w/special guest Perry Robinson performing from 6PM to 7PM in the Fourth
Floor Community Gallery.  Please read on for more information about the
festival's purpose and its art and music events for the whole family.

111 First Street Tenants Association
111 First Street, Jersey City, NJ
· Artists' Open Studios
· Children & Adult Art Workshops
· Live Music & Performance Events
  -Free Admission-

On Saturday, May 1, 2004, the artists
and musicians of 111 First Street in Jersey City are
opening their doors to the general public for the
MAYDAY ART & MUSIC FESTIVAL. This festival will
feature open studios, art workshops, special art
exhibitions, music and food throughout the 111 First
Street building between the hours of 2pm-10pm.

Over 40 artists will open their studios for visitors
to participate in a self-guided tour. In addition to
the open studios, thirteen spectacular art workshops
for children and adults are being offered. These
workshops include: printmaking, wire sculpture,
papermaking, figure drawing, mural painting, stained
glass, ceramics, digital art and a yoga class. All
workshops run between 2pm and 6pm and are free of
charge. (A complete list of participating artists and
a schedule of the art workshops including
descriptions, times, and studios follows this press

While live music will be performed all day, most of it
will be performed between 6pm and 10pm. The music
venues will include an eclectic mixture of jazz,
ambient music, rock, world music, singer/songwriters,
and DJs, in several locations in the 111 First Street

Other performances on this day will include a puppet
show for children during the daytime hours and a
storytelling project for adults during the evening
hours. (A list of the music and performance events
follows this press release.)

A brief history of the artists at 111 First Street and
the Downtown Arts District:
15 years ago, artists and arts-related small
businesses gravitated to the large, raw industrial
space at 111 First Street in Jersey City to create
their work. What started out as a small group of
pioneering artists gradually grew to become a diverse,
international community of over 140 artists.

This organic growth of artists at 111 First Street
impressed and inspired Jersey City planners to turn
this historic warehouse section of Jersey City into a
Downtown Arts District. The passage of WALDO (Work And
Live District Ordinance) set the stage to develop
legal work/live artist's lofts. Two years ago, the
Urban Land Institute completed a study of the same
area and proposed a more comprehensive strategy for
revitalizing the warehouse district, which would
retain the focus on arts and entertainment included in

Recent pressure from the building's owner has
jeopardized the continuance of the art community of
111. Now is the time for the Jersey City community and
politicians to show support for the artists of 111.
Help us preserve the cultural aspirations of the
Downtown Arts District by being part of our Mayday Art
and Music Festival. Enjoy the festival and send a
message that shortsighted development impedes Jersey
City's efforts to become a cultural destination.

2nd floor
William Rodwell 3-2A
Ron English 3-2B
Maggie Ens 5-2A
Marc Sloan 5-2A
John Donovan 6-2N
Andrzej Jerzy Lech 6-2G
Elaine Hansen 8-2A

3rd floor
Elizabeth Onorato 1-3B
Jessica Lenard 2-3C
Rina S. Young 4-3A
Dave Adox 4-3A
Cheryl Russo 5-3C
Meg Stone 6-3A
Lee Perry 6-3C
Shandor Hassan 6-3M
Lisa Portnoff 7-3A
Sandra Malak 8-3A
Norm Francoeur 8-3B
Larry Feldman 8-3H

4th floor
Kay Kenny 1-4C
Loura Van der Meule 2-4B
Chamot Gallery 3-4A (Twenty Five Artists)
Faizulla Khamraev 4-4A2
Manny Contreras 4-4B
Kevin Mayer 4-4B
Nathalie Quede 4-4B
Shin Jeung Jang 6-4A
Vadim Stain 6-4E
Charles Farless 6-4G
Kathe Frantz 6-4G
Sandra DeSando 6-4L
Ana Velázquez 6-4R
Edward Fausty 8-4E
Tomomi Ono 8-4F
Minako Yoshino 8-4F

5th floor
Kelly Darr 6-5N
Margo Pelletier 7-5Z
Lisa Thomas 7-5Z
Barbara Landes 8-5A
Paul Sullivan 8-5A
Riichi Yamaguchi 8-5C
Nancy Wells 8-5D
Nancy Jo Johnson 8-5G
Julie Terestman 8-5H

email contact:
tenants111first at yahoo.com

Tin-can Recycled Paper-making Workshop
With: Maggie Ens
Where: Studio 5-2A (2nd floor)
When: 2-3 pm
Who: children and adults
Create unique round-shaped papers using recycled paper
and natural materials.

Print in Progress
With: Jessica Lenard
Where: Studio 2-3C
When: 2:30pm
Who: adults
Artist talks about the process of printing within her
own work.

Wire Sculpture Workshop
With: Loura Van der Meule
Where: Studio 2-4B (4th floor)
When: 2-6 pm
Who: children and adults
Create your own Calder wire sculpture or mobile.
Experiment with balance and color. Make a silhouette
portrait or a wild animal or just twist, wrap and
braid with wire.

Fabulous Mayday Digital Mural
With: Edward Fausty
Where: Studio 8-4E (4th floor)
When: (all day) 2-6 pm
Who: children and adults
Create a fabulous Mayday digital mural. Using digital
photos (bring your own camera), polaroids, artworks &
text gathered during the first hours of Mayday (2-4
pm). Include whatever else that can be gotten into the
computer or created with it. Design and print the
mural (4-6 pm).

Clay Workshop
With: Manny Contreras
Where: Studio 4-4B (4th floor)
When: 2-6 pm
Who: children and adults
Create your own ceramic using simple hand-building
techniques. Experiment with coils, slabs and pinching.
Make a vessel, mask or tile with terra cotta.

The Clever Tortoise Puppet Show
With: Kevin Mayer & Nathalie Quede
Where: Studio 4-4B (4th floor)
When: 2:30, 4:30, & 6:30 pm
Who: children (pre-K and older) and adults
Runs approximately 20 minutes.

Free Yoga class
With: Yoga Shunya (Elaine Hanson)
Where: Studio 8-2A (2nd floor)
When: 3-4 pm
Who: adults (please no shoes, no food, no drink)

Paper Marbling Workshop
With: Barbara Landes & Paul Sullivan
Where: Studio 8-5B (5th floor)
When: 3-4 pm
Who: children and adults
Create your own unique marblized papers using
oil-based inks.

Relief Printing with Meat Trays Workshop
With: Nancy Wells
Where: Studio 8-5D (5th floor)
When: 4-5 pm
Who: children and adults
Each person will have a chance to draw an image into a
foam plate. A number of prints can be made from that
one plate.

Hands-on Stained Glass Demonstration
With: Larry Feldman
Where: Studio 8-3H
When: 4-5pm
Who: Adults
Basic glass cutting and copper foil technique.

With: Maggie Ens
Where: corner hallway (First & Warren Sts. 2nd floor)
When: 5-5:30 pm
Who: children and adults

Figure Drawing
With: Alexie Sundukov
Where: corner hallway (First & Warren Sts. 2nd floor)
When: 5-7 pm
Who: children and adults
Live demonstration.

Mural Painting & Mural Music
With: various artists
Where: corner hallway (First & Warren Sts. 2nd floor)
When: 5-7 pm
Who: children and adults

email contact:
tenants111first at yahoo.com

Special Guest Performance by:

Host: Matt Pass
From: 1:00-7:00

Matt Pass & Guests
Marc Sloan
Domingos Fialho
Shandor Hassan
Ken Clare

The Front Porch
Kevin Spyker  Acoustic Guitar,  DJ Mix and Friends (performing somewhere in
the building Dark Side of the Moon)

Singer Song  Writers
Host: Gabrial Ellers
From:  1:00 pm -11:00 pm

2:oo  Gabriella von ellers
3:00  Audrey martell/ mattias Gustafsson
4:00  John sonntag
5:00  Ansel matthews
6:00  clueless
7:00  Raffle in Community Gallery
8:00  Frank Paladino
9:00 Julia Vorontsova
10:00 Brandon Jemeyson/Charles Herold
11:00  Lach
12:00 Gabriella von Ellers

Rock and Band Stuff
Host: Tris Mccall
Bar sponsored by L.I.T.M.
From:  8:00pm  - 2:00 am

8:oo Froot Basket
9:00 Tris Mccall  & the New Jack Trippers
10:00 Chariot
11:00 Damn Glad
12:00 am 111 First street Jam Band
1:00 am  American Watercolor movement

Elizabeth's studio
4:00 traditional Irish Music

Tina's  Place
From: 8:30 - 10:00
The Waterbug Hotel Collecetive
Cucaracha de Agua
DJ lex leonard and Lady J

Lee's place
10:00 tonge ‘n groove

Jazz/ improvisational Music
Host: Bryan Benehove

From: 3:00pm -9:00pm
2:00 Bryan Beninghove
4:00 Joe Exely tuba & guests
5:00  Bryan Benehove trio
6:00 RoMarkable - Mark Whitecage & Rozanne Levine with Perry Robinson
7:00 Raffle
8:30  Ethan Mann

and others will be performing throughout the day and
into the evening until 10pm.

Directions to 111 First Street
CAR: From NYC take the Holland Tunnel. Make first left
on to Marin - Go to First and make a left to 111.
CAR: From New Jersey take Rt. 1-9 going to Holland
Tunnel, make last right before the tunnel entrance,
onto Marin Blvd. Go to First St. and make a left to
CAR: From New Jersey Turnpike. Exit 14C Grand St. Go
straight two blocks to Montgomery St. Make right. Go
to Warren St. Make left. Go to First St. Make right to
PATH: Pavonia-Newport Station. Exit onto Washington
Blvd-make a left to First, make a right to 111.
PATH: Exchange Place. Exit onto Columbus to Washington
Blvd,  make a right to First St., make a left to 111.
FERRY: NY Waterway from World Financial Center to
Harborside Financial Center. Two blocks to 111.

Visit the 111 First Street Tenants Association web site for more

Hope to see you there.
Rozanne Levine
525 Main Street, Fl. 2
Landing, NJ  07850-1017
Tel/Fax:  973-347-5552
E-Mail:  rozmark at bellatlantic.net

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