[members-announce] NYFA Current Special Issue on Photographs includes info and links to my work

Rozanne Levine rozmark at bellatlantic.net
Wed Mar 3 15:09:47 EST 2004

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to let you know that I am included in a select list of
contemporary photographers whose work is highlighted in the March 3rd
Special Issue of NYFA Current, published by the New York Foundation for the

Here is information on the issue, which includes a wealth of resources on
contemporary photography, as well as links to more information on my work.

NYFA Current -- Biweekly Arts News - March 3, 2004

NYFA Current, March 3, 2004

C O N T E N T S 

*    Special Issue: PHOTOGRAPHS
An Entry Way to the Work of Photographers from New York to California

Here is the link for the Photo issue of NYFA Current


Here is the link for my section in the issue - I'm the fifth listing in Part


Here is the link for my gallery site on Europe Jazz Network


I hope you find the issue of interest - I'd like to hear from you, and
please let me know if you have any photo projects you'd like me to work on
or if you'd like more information on my photographs.

Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement of all-new photographs on my gallery
web site - coming soon!!

Best regards,
Rozanne Levine
New contact information as of January 2004:
Rozanne Levine
525 Main Street, Fl. 2
Landing, NJ  07850-1017
Tel/Fax:  973-347-5552
E-Mail:  rozmark at bellatlantic.net

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