[members-announce] NYC Premiere: BushWacked ­ A Spoken Opera; also Rozanne Levine & The New Reed Quartet at The Stone January 11, 2006

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December 5, 2005

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Acoustics Announces the NYC Premiere of
BushWacked ­ A Spoken Opera
a Rare NYC Appearance by
Rozanne Levine & The New Reed Quartet
The Stone on January 11, 2006

Date:          Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Time:          BushWacked ­ A Spoken Opera at 8:00PM;
                     Rozanne Levine & The New Reed Quartet at 10PM
Place:          The Stone, NW Corner of Avenue C & East Second Street in the
                       Village, NYC
Admission:    $10 per set; students 13-19 half price, children 12 & under
Information:  web -- thestonenyc.com; www.erjn.it/mus/whitecage.htm

Acoustics announces the NYC premiere of Mark Whitecage's BushWacked - A
Spoken Opera at one of New York's best spots for listening, The Stone.  The
performance features Roy Campbell, Jr. - trumpet and vocals, Rozanne Levine
- Bb and alto clarinets, Mark Whitecage - alto sax and Bb clarinet, Joe
Fonda ­ bass, and Jay Rosen ­ drums.  This special event takes place at 8PM.
Then at 10PM Mark and Rozanne are joined by Perry Robinson on Bb and
sopranino clarinets and Matt Snyder on Bb and bass clarinets for a rare
appearance as Rozanne Levine &The New Reed Quartet with guests Roy Campbell,
Jr.; Joe Fonda and Jay Rosen.

In creating his spoken word opera BushWacked, Mark Whitecage focused his
outrage at the criminal gang in Washington, gathered text and like-minded
musicians, and produced a hard-hitting and sometimes angry indictment of the
Bush Crime Family, all without losing the sense of swing and intensity he is
known for!! 

Speaking of Mark's just-released CD BushWacked - A Spoken Opera on the
Acoustics label, Bruce Lee Gallanter of Downtown Music Gallery said,
"'BushWacked' is an impressive, bold and timely work from alto sax wiz, Mark
Whitecage, and his new crew."

And Rex Butters of All About Jazz-LA said, "Mark Whitecage and The
Bi-Coastal Orchestra step up to the podium and deliver the statement of
sanity many have been waiting on for five years.  Whitecage's broad
stylistic background is well represented by his ensemble, creating a lively
listenable soundtrack equal to the seeting passion in the composer's text."

Rozanne Levine & The New Reed Quartet is an alliance of old friends
discovering a new sound.  All four musicians bring to the project a wealth
of musical experience and each contributes a sound and sensibility all their
own.  The New Reed Quartet is evolving and still realizing its freewheeling,
intimate sound.  They find immense joy in their telepathic improvisations,
but are also exploring compositions by Thelonious Monk and by members of the

If you're going to be out and about at IAJE on January 11, come on down!!

Mark Whitecage Web Site:  www.erjn.it/mus/whitecage.htm


For photos, interviews and more information, please contact Rozanne Levine
at Acoustics, telephone 973-335-5720 and e-mail rozmark at bellatlantic.net.

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