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Hope you can use this on the webpage....thanks
I established the Bill Evans Archives at SLU prior
to moving to the Philippines.

Ron Nethercutt, Media Consultant 
Angeles University 
Angeles City, Philippines
Ted Rosenthal Featured at Bill Evans Jazz Festival in

Bill Evans will be honored by his Alma Mater the week
of February 21-24.  Ted Rosenthal will be featured at
the conclusion of the four-day jazz festival at
Southeastern Louisiana University, from where Evans
graduated with honors in 1950.  Evans was a recipient
of 7 Grammy Awards and scores of recordings prior to
his death in 1980.  

The Bill Evans Jazz Festival began four years ago, and
since that time has welcomed Debby Evans, (Bill’s
niece for whom he wrote Waltz for Debby) Eddie Gomez
Trio, and Kenny Werner.  This year the Ted Rosenthal
Trio will include drummer Eliot Zigmund, who recorded
with Evans, and Sean Smith on bass.  Rosenthal was
twelve years old when he first met Bill Evans at Yale
University, and said “I heard Bill give a master class
for John Mehegan’s jazz class in 1979.  It was great
to hear him play and talk about music. He continued by
saying, “I was given the music to a transcription of
“Turn Out the Stars” by my piano teachers.  It was
really beyond me, but I learned it by studying the
recording.”  Rosenthal concluded by adding, “I honored
to be playing at the festival.  I think it's a great
thing that the Bill Evans Jazz Festival exists, and
I'm very happy to be saluting Bill's legacy and
influence on jazz piano.”  Rosenthal has included many
of Evans’ compositions on CD, notably The Three Bs.
(Bud Powell, Bill Evans, and Beethoven)
David Evenson, Chairman of the Department of Music and
Dramatic Arts, commented “this year, we depart from
the format established in previous Bill Evans Jazz
Festivals by increasing the number of activities and
increasing it from three to four days. From its
inception, the BEJF became one of the artistic
highlights of the spring artistic season at the
university, and we expect that the audience will
continue to grow."  Two new events include the
addition of a clinic and critique of six high school
jazz ensembles by the Ted Rosenthal Trio, and
performances by area professional musicians.

Win Hinkle, publisher of Letter From Evans, will
present a lecture entitled “Do Transcriptions Really
Tell The Bill Evans Story?”  Hinkle said his
presentation “will compare commercially available
notated transcriptions with the actual recordings and
attempt to determine just what can and cannot be
captured by traditional music notation.”  Selections
studied will include "My Foolish Heart," "On a Clear
Day" and "Autumn Leaves." The lecture is open to both
performers of, and listeners to, Bill Evans’ music.

Richard Schwartz, Director of Jazz Programs at SLU,
commented that "This festival represents a microcosm
of Bill Evans' achievements.  Specifically, it
highlights two of Evans' most notable qualities; his
drive to explore new musical frontiers and his gentle
manner of sharing jazz with others. " The Southeastern
One O’clock Big Band will be featured on February 21st
and include Phil Woods’ arrangement of “Waltz for
Debby,” Leonard Bernstein's "Prelude Fugue and Riffs,"
and a world premier of a composition by Michigan
Composer Blair Johnston.  On the 23rd the SLU Jazz
Guest will include Ron Nethercutt, who established the
Bill Evans Archives at the university.  Nethercutt is
now visiting professor at the University of the

The full schedule for the festival is as follows:

February 21   Bill Evans Jazz Festival:
Southeastern One O'clock Big Band,
Richard Schwartz, director; Andrew Seigel, clarinet
7:30 pm, Pottle Auditorium
February 22   Bill Evans Jazz Festival: Win Hinkle,
Guest Lecture: 2:00 pm, Pottle Auditorium
Do Transcriptions Really Tell The Bill Evans Story?

February 22   Bill Evans Jazz Festival: Southeastern
Jazz Combos   7:30 pm, Pottle Auditorium
February 23   Bill Evans Jazz Festival:
Faculty and Guests Jazz Quintet   7:30 pm, Pottle
February 24   Bill Evans Jazz Festival:
High School Big Band Workshop with Ted Rosenthal 2:00
pm, Pottle Auditorium
February 24   Bill Evans Jazz Festival: Jazz Master
Classes with Southeastern Faculty   4:00 pm, Pottle
February 24   Bill Evans Jazz Festival: The Ted
Rosenthal Trio 7:30 pm, Pottle Auditorium
All events take place on the campus of Southeastern
Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana.

Inquiries for additional information should be
directed to devenson at selu.edu.  Phone: 985 549 2184
Fax: 985 549 2892  
Mail:  2184   SLU Box 10815  Hammond, LA 70402-0815 

Submitted by Ron Nethercutt, Angeles University
Consultant,   Angeles City, Philippines.  
yamahajazz at yahoo.com  http://www.jazzprof.com 

Ron Nethercutt, PP, MPHF
RC Clark Centennial  D3790 Philippines
Consultant, Angeles University
yamahajazz at yahoo.com

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