[members-announce] Premiere of "Bush-Wacked - A Spoken Opera" by Mark Whitecage in Portland, Oregon in July

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July 6, 2005

Hello fellow JJA'ers --

For any of you located in, traveling to, or having friends near Portland,
Oregon -- I'll be performing in 5 performances of the premiere of Mark
Whitecage's spoken opera, Bush-Wacked, a work-in-progress, in Portland from
July 15 through July 22, after which we go into the studio for two days to
record the work.  I hope any of you in the area will come out to hear us and
please spread the word.  Press info is below.

Enjoy the summer,
Rozanne Levine

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Acoustics and Mahaffay Musical Archives Present
The Premiere of a work-in-progress
BUSH-WACKED: A Spoken Opera
in a series of performances in Portland, Oregon in July

Friday, July 15
Live Performance and Interview at KBOO-FM
"The Outside World" hosted by Daniel Flessas
Broadcast from midnight to 3:00AM
Portland: 90.7 fm
Corvallis: 100.7 fm
Columbia Gorge: 91.1 fm
Live Stream - www.kboo.fm/listen.php

Saturday July 16   
Tugboat Brewing Company
711 S.W. Ankeny
Portland, OR 
9:00PM to midnight
For more information, please check the music listings in Willamette Week,
telephone 503-226-2508, e-mail: tugboatale at webtv.net, and on the web at

Sunday July 17   
1909 NE Martin Luther King Blvd.
Portland, OR
3:00PM to midnight - multiple bands performing - our time slot is 8:00PM,
one set only
For more information, please check the music listings in Willamette Week,
telephone (503) 493-8637, e-mail: mark at dunes.cc, and on the web at

Wednesday July 20
9:00 to 11:30PM

Friday July 22   
Tugboat Brewing Company
9:00PM to midnight

Bush-Wacked ­ A Spoken Opera
Internationally known saxophonist and composer Mark Whitecage is an active
performer and recording artist who feels compelled to create a work that
speaks to the malfeasance perpetrated by George W. Bush and the misery, fear
and death the President and his team have unleashed.  That work-in-progress
is Bush-Wacked ­ a spoken opera.  Whitecage and his wife, clarinetist
Rozanne Levine, based in New Jersey, join forces with some of the
northwest's most adventurous musicians and vocalists in 5 premiere
performances of Bush-Wacked in Portland in July.  On July 15 they will
perform live in the studio and be interviewed on KBOO-FM, and they are
performing the opera at The Tugboat Brewing Company on July 16 and 22 and at
Dunes on July 17 and 20.  Their ensemble includes Portland's own Tres Gone
and pianist Bill Larimer from Washington, along with special guests to be
announced.   Following the performances they go into the studio for two days
to record the opera.

In describing how he came to compose Bush-Wacked, Whitecage says, "I have a
spoken opera building in my brain since the election.  I put together a
package of quotes, by people like Jim Hightower, Molly Ivins, Alexander
Cockburn - you know, folks from The Nation, Progressive Populist, Harper's
and the like - about the state of our Democracy.  I think these truths must
be heard and I can't stay quiet and put out a swinging bebop CD or something
with all this s--t going down!!²

Wanting to give the community a chance to dialogue about the current
political situation, Whitecage adds, ³My whole concept behind this
Bush-Wacked opera is to give us a voice.  I see so many atrocities committed
by this Bush administration, and nobody is talking about it on the street.
Whatever anybody has to say in defense of liberty is most welcome.²

When Mr. Whitecage toured Europe in January 2005 with his group The Nu Band,
they performed his composition 'Bushwacked' (misspelling intended) at every
concert and with each rendition the piece evolved.  ³I wrote ŒBushwacked¹
around 1989 when the old scoundrel Bush the first was in power.  Vocalist
Jeanne Lee wrote lyrics to it in '91 for her Owl CD 'Natural Affinities'.
Jeanne is the inspiration behind this effort and I plan to dedicate these
performances to her."

Featured Performers in Bush-Wacked: A Spoken Opera:

Mark Whitecage ­ alto saxophone, clarinet, libretto, music
Mark Whitecage has played it all - from playing in polka bands as a child
and swing groups as a teen, he went on to explore bop and ³west coast cool²
in the Army.  In the decades that followed he worked at developing his own
sound in small and large groups of every description ­ latin, free,
post-bop, dance bands, electronic, modern opera, country and western.  He
has traveled all over Europe and the United States performing and recording
with a wide array of creative artists including Anthony Braxton, Perry
Robinson, Jeanne Lee, Gunter Hampel, Dominic Duval, William Parker, Marshall
Allen, Joe Fonda, The Nu Band and The New Reed Quartet.  Mark¹s trio, No
Respect - Duval/Rosen/Whitecage, tours Europe regularly and has appeared at
clubs and festivals throughout the continent.  His recording company,
Acoustics, released the trio¹s latest self-titled CD and Mark¹s solo work
with horns and electronics is featured on another Acoustics release, Ducks
on Acid.

Rozanne Levine ­ alto clarinet, clarinet
Ms. Levine leads her own group, Chakra Tuning, which uses her compositions
and photographs as inspiration.  She has performed with a variety of
clarinet groups and with Anthony Braxton, William Parker, Jason Kao Hwang,
Chris Kelsey, Jackson Krall, Blaise Siwula, the Improvisors Collective
Orchestra, and was a founding member of the multimedia Improvisors
Collective.  RoMarkable, her duo with Mark Whitecage, was showcased in two
performances with The Bi-Coastal Orchestra in Portland last summer.  Rozanne
is co-director of Acoustics, a production company producing CDs, concerts
and exhibits

Tres Gone ~ Mike Mahaffay ­ drums, percussion; Eric Hausmann ­ Chapman
Stick; Scott Steele - guitar
Tres Gone is committed to the spontaneous interaction of the individual
artists.  This spontaneity brings the listener in contact with the moment of
creative discovery of both the individual musician and the collective
ensemble.  They perform regularly in Portland at the Tugboat Brewing
Company, Slabtown and Dunes.

Mike Mahaffay is an award-winning drummer and percussionist with deep roots
on both coasts.  Mahaffay brings to the music a wide-ranging background that
includes stints as percussionist with the Oregon Symphony in the 1960s to
vice-president and performer with the NYC avant jazz organization Free Life
Communications and composer/performer with The Open Eye Theater in the 1970s
to an almost decade long position as artistic director, composer and
performer with The Contemporary Mythmakers dance troupe in the 1980s to
founder and performer with Portland's Gone Orchestra and Tres Gone
throughout the 1990s and 2000s.  Mike has recently formed Mahaffay Musical
Archives to document the breadth of creative music he has participated in
over the years.

Eric Hausmann has played both guitar and Chapman Stick with such diverse
bands as the Gone Orchestra, Tres Gone (free jazz improv), Lions of Batucada
(Brazilian samba), Brainwarmer (ambient improv), Spilling Static Orchestra
(experimental), Ancient Chinese Secret (rock) and Dark Horse (ambient
soundtracks).  In the field of electronic music he has his own independent
company, Spilling Audio, producing both film and video soundtracks.  He has
created an original musical instrument - the Electric Two by Four Eyehook
Guitar.  He currently has his own recording label, Spilling Audio Records,
representing bands from Japan, England, Germany, and the US.  As an
independent video producer, he has created videos for the internet, the
Singapore Ministry of Education, and the McMenamins Pubs.  And finally he
has been a music reviewer for Fact Sheet 5 magazine.

Scott Steele studied music at Los Angeles Valley College and Mt. Hood
Community College and guitar with Max Rees.  He has played with drummer Mel
Brown, organist George Mitchell, blues diva Paulette Davis and guitarist Dan
Perz.  He also had the pleasure of accompanying the 50¹s Doo Wop group The
Diamonds.  He spent time playing with the blues band Liquid Blues, with the
country group Boogie Country and the Rockabilly group The Dukes of Juke.  He
has jazz-fusion experience with Catch 23 and Brainiac Five, world beat with
Kings on Straw Mats, and free jazz with The Gone Orchestra.  He has led his
own groups The Upsetters and The Scott Steele Band ­ both in the rock/jazz
category.  His wide range of experience and musicianship led him naturally
into Tres Gone where he provides the lead that gives direction to the whole

Bill Larimer ­ piano
Bill hails from California where as a young man he was an award-winning
classical pianist and simultaneously a young phenom lounge-lizard.  He
continued his studies at Stanford University and the Music Conservatory of
San Francisco while recording his first creative albums with ex-Stanford
computer genius Todor Fay.  In 1983 Bill relocated to the Portland, OR area
where he co-founded the Gone Orchestra, Portland's premier improvising
orchestra.  He continues to be active in the music scene there, producing
music all across the spectrum of styles and playing stride, standards and
beyond in local piano bars.

More information online at:
KBOO-FM - www.kboo.fm/
Tugboat Brewing Company - www.d2m.com/Tugwebsite/home.htm
Dunes - www.dunes.cc/
Mark Whitecage ­ www.erjn.it/mus/whitecage.htm
Mike Mahaffay - www.mahaffay.net
Tres Gone - tresgone.com/home.html
Bill Larimer -larimer.us/main.html
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For interviews, press kits, hi-res photos, and more information, please
East Coast - Rozanne Levine, 973-335-5720, rozmark at bellatlantic.net
West Coast ­ Mike Mahaffay, 503-478-1127, mike_mahaffay at yahoo.com 

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