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Thanks for your support and votes (more later).  
Just wanted to invite you to help celebrate The Jeremy Pelt Quartet's (recording band of Eric McPherson on drums, Vicente Archer on bass and Frank LoCrasto on piano and Fender) forthcoming release "Identity" on MaxJazz.  The recording and touring band will be at the Jazz Standard from tonight, July 7-Sunday, July 10.  We would love to see you if your schedule permits.
Sets are at 7:30 and 9:30 PM each night with additional 11:30 sets on Friday and Saturday.
The accolades are universal!
For the third consecutive year, Jeremy topped the DownBeat Magazine Annual Critic's Poll for "Rising Star Trumpeter," and for the second consecutive year, he was nominated for "Jazz Artist of the Year" in the same poll.  The Jazz Journalist's Association has for the third consecutive year, nominated Jeremy for the "Rising Star Artist of the Year" as well.  We are happy to inform you that Jeremy won that award for the first time this year.  
Jeremy has enjoyed feature articles and has been reviewed in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles Weekly, JazzWise, The Guardian, The Evening Standard, Jazz Times, Recensioni, Jazz Hot etc.
Pelt has garnered early praise for his forthcoming MaxJazz CD, "Identity" (July 19, 2005 release).  In addition, for his second date as a leader at Ronnie Scott's in London; he enjoyed standing room only crowds (capacity 350) during his week-long performances May 30-June 4th, 2005.  What was special about this engagement was the generational mix of the audience.  Pelt played songs from the forthcoming release and some favorites. 
The performances satisfied both jazz purists as well as the younger audiences.  Jeremy played original compositions including a few that dealt with pushing the envelope of jazz (without diluting it), while adding some elements of electronic music. As is the case with his other groups, Jeremy is more interested in attaining a discernible group sound all their own.
MaxJazz (CD Promo)
Jeremy Pelt (t, flh, effects); Myron Walden (ss, bs cl); Warren Wolf (vib); Frank LoCastro (p, Fender Rhodes, clav, Hammond B-3, effects); Mike Moreno (g); Vincente Archer (b); Eric McPherson (d). Release July 19, 2005

When you've been an A&R man or a producer, it's only natural that you're constantly on the lookout for new talent. You want to see how their potential develops, to see whether they'll become just another really good player or someone really special, who'll contribute to the development of our music. (Or, on the other hand, after being flavor of the month, completely disappear without trace!)

Someone this writer has always felt could turn out to be really important is Jeremy Pelt. His sideman dates with the likes of Ralph Peterson and Wayne Escoffery, his initial CDs as leader for FSNT, Criss Cross and MaxJazz, his writing, which has been a highspot throughout and, above all, his live appearances (I've seen him half a dozen times now over the past two years) all show a solid, slow-building maturity. And this very recently completed album, his second for MaxJazz, is by far his most important to date. He's trying to establish his own musical identity, both in his compositions and his general direction and, for my money, he's succeeded.

This is a wonderful album. Jeremy's sound is something special here. At times, it's almost ECM-like (but with added warmth) in its purity. There are five cuts with his basic touring quartet, with newcomer LoCastro playing an important role on a variety of keyboards; three with his guitarist of choice (often heard on FSNT), Mike Moreno; and one ("Scorpio") adding Walden (on soprano and bass clarinet, not alto), where the music goes more into Milesian electric period freefall, complete with rock guitar and loads of effects. (This is Jeremy's other band, Creation).

Maybe Pelt's roots as a writer originally came out of the Miles/ Shorter era. But his ten compositions here are completely contemporary in fact, possibly more tomorrow than today. Maybe he does subconsciously pay occasional homage to Hubbard or Booker in his harmonic conception. But, overall, I hear a musician well on his way to establishing something totally individual. My Record of the Year so far.
Tony Hall 
Please feel free to visit http://www.peltjazz.com/ for reviews, sound bytes and photos.  
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