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Photos by Lourdes Delgado

Exhibition dates:         May 25 ­ July 3

Opening:                        May 25 from 6 to 8

Where:                          Jazz Gallery
                                  290 Hudson St
                       New York, NY 10013
                       212 ­ 2421063

³Lourdes Delgado's images of representative members of the jazz community
are beautiful and remarkable in and of themselves, but beyond that, they
provide a revelatory context for each individual. There have been thousands
of photographs, many fine, of musicians and others active in the realm of
jazz, but Delgado sees her well-chosen subjects from a different and wholly
original perspective. These are much more than portraits, and must be seen
by all who care about jazz, photography, and human beings.²
Dan Morgenstern, Director of Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University

Jazz In New York: A Community of Visions is an exhibition of black and white
environmental portraits of NYC jazz musicians and others from the world of
jazz captured in their homes. It explores jazz from a social and cultural
view point rather than a musical one. It takes musicians out of the
locations common in jazz literature and iconography ‹the bandstand or
studio‹ and shows them in a more personal and revealing space.

The photographs are taken using a large format camera to create images that
are very rich in detail. They focus not only on the subjects but also on
their surroundings: the structure of the room, the quality of the light, and
the objects themselves.

Another distinctive feature is that Lourdes Delgado takes only one photo per
session. This fast and decisive method allows for spontaneity, honesty, and
immediacy not often found in posed portraits, especially when working with
exposure times longer than one second. Like a jazz musician, she accepts the
result with its achievements and mistakes.

The subjects chosen represent different ages, genders, background,
instruments, musical approaches, and economic status. The exhibition is not
focused on famous musicians nor a particular jazz scene. This project
portrays this community with the belief that each individual, whether on a
larger or smaller scale, has a  contribution to make.

This exhibition is part of a larger project started in 2000 to feature more
than 275 portraits. "Jazz in New York: A Community of Visions started as an
outgrowth of my observations of the New York jazz scene‹how people in their
various capacities interact, work together and approach life², says Lourdes
Delgado. ³The very nature of jazz music, with its structure and spontaneity,
complements a sense of community that encourages collaboration. Musicians
work and live with a healthy balance as creative individuals and social
beings. To me this community is an example of a democracy that works and I
want to show visually the people who form it portraying them in their homes.
My project is also an analysis of how musicians live. Most of them lead
simple lives compared with other professionals. At the same time, they seem
content with what they have. Their example challenges the materialistic
ideal of our society.²

Lourdes Delgado (born in Barcelona, Spain) has lived in Brooklyn since 1994.
She is a professional photographer and has exhibited her work in galleries
all around the country. Her project Jazz in New York: A Community of Visions
will be exhibited this year at the Brooklyn Music School (Brooklyn, June 9
­11) and jazz radio station WBGO  (New Jersey, August 1 ­ September 26). In
2006, it will be shown at Three Rivers Community College (CT), Sinclair
Community College (OH) and Amarillo College (TX). The project is yet to be
sold to a publishing house.

For a short video on the project, please  go to
http://photographychannel.tv/ and click on "Jazz In New York: A Community of

You can also see some images at http://www.jazzhouse.org/jpg/delgado3/

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