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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                            May 27, 2005


Jazz in New York: A Community of Visions, a new project by photographer
Lourdes Delgado, will be on exhibit at The Jazz Gallery from Wednesday, May
25 through Sunday, July 3, 2005. The Jazz Gallery is located at 290 Hudson
Street in New York City. The gallery is open during concerts and by
appointment. For more information, contact The Jazz Gallery at (212)
242-1063, http://www.jazzgallery.org.

Jazz In New York: A Community of Visions is an exhibition of home
environmental portraits of jazz musicians and others in the industry. It
explores jazz from a social and cultural viewpoint rather than a musical
one. The black and white photographs show the subjects in their personal
home space. Delgado takes only one photo per session using a large format
camera that captures a richness of detail. She seeks the spontaneity,
honesty, and immediacy not often found in posed portraits, especially when
working with long exposure times.

Lourdes Delgado started Jazz In New York five years ago.  The project
features over 300 portraits of the men and women, the masters and young
artists, and the mainstream and experimental musicians that make up New
York¹s diverse jazz community. For a short video, visit
http://photographychannel.tv   and click on Jazz In New York: A Community of

Jazz in New York is the first of a series of community shows in the area.
This show at The Jazz Gallery will include 60 portraits, from Ron Carter,
Lou Donaldson, Candido Camero, Christian McBride, Butch Morris, Regina
Carter, Claudia Acuña, Jeff Ballard, Gregoire Maret to Leroy Jenkins, Jeremy
Pelt (pictured above) and more. This project will also be exhibited at the
Brooklyn Music School (June 9 ­11) and jazz radio station WBGO (August 1 ­
September 26) in New Jersey. Each exhibit will have a different selection of
photos. In 2006, the project will travel to Three Rivers Community College
(CT), Sinclair Community College (OH) and Amarillo College (TX).

The Jazz Gallery is a not-for-profit jazz cultural center providing
performance and exhibition space for work in the arts‹visual, literary, and
music‹that takes jazz as its central influence. It presents an expanded
understanding of jazz as a cultural tradition that extends far beyond its
musical form.

>From Barcelona, Spain, Lourdes Delgado has lived in Brooklyn since 1994. As
a professional photographer, she has photographed such figures as Hillary
Clinton, Rudy Giuliani, Tom Wolfe, Amy Tan, Antonio Banderas, Viggo
Mortensen, and Bono for publications including Newsweek, Vogue, Elle, GQ,
People, Stern, El Pais, and La Vanguardia. Photographs from Delgado¹s other
current project, Built Up Portraits, have been featured in group shows
around the country and were twice awarded Best of the Show.

For more information and jpegs, contact the artist at:

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