[members-announce] Must See Exhibition!--American Jazz Heroes in Berlin: Photographs by Uwe Rau

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Thu Sep 22 02:35:36 EDT 2005

Dear Colleagues,  Last week I was fortunate  enough to attend the opening of 
this amazing exhibition of jazz photos by  the German photographer, Uwe Rau 
(read below).  I am fairly jaded and not  always finding yet more black and 
white jazz photos truly  compelling but trust me these are.  There are amazing 
portraits on and  offstage (mostly on) of everyone you can think of that have 
contributed  to the precious history of jazz.  I won't begin to name them but 
trust  me, you will NOT want to miss this one!  And of course it's  free.  The 
Goethe is pretty much across from The Metropolitan Museum.   Just thought I'd 
share this treasure with you. Hope you make it. 
American Jazz Heroes in Berlin: Photographs by Uwe  Rau 

Opening: 09/14/05,  6:00-8:00 pm
Goethe-Institut New York
1014 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY  10028
Free Admission
Tel: 212-439-8700   
The first Berlin Jazz Festival in 1964 helped to show  that in West Berlin, 
cultural life was still alive and thriving even with the  presence of the 
Berlin Wall. The Festival continued throughout the years and was  broadcast over 
several regional networks enabling East Germans to get a taste of  jazz despite 
strict regulations banning Western broadcasts.  
Berlin-based photographer Uwe Rau began documenting the performers and  
produced a collection of work dedicated to American jazz stars. These images  
reflect the spirit of freedom during a time of hopelessness and despair in a  place 
that seemed to be shut off from the rest of the world.

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