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April 5, 2007

Results of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation¹s eighty-third
annual United States and Canadian competition have been announced by
Foundation president Edward Hirsch.  The 2007 Fellowship winners include 189
artists, scholars, and scientists selected from almost 2,800 applicants for
awards totaling $7,600,000.  Decisions are based on recommendations from
hundreds of expert advisors and are approved by the Foundation¹s Board of
Trustees, which includes six members who are themselves past Fellows of the
Foundation ­ Joel Conarroe, Joyce Carol Oates, Richard A. Rifkind, Charles
Ryskamp, Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, and Edward Hirsch.

Guggenheim Fellows are appointed on the basis of distinguished achievement
in the past and exceptional promise for future accomplishment. The diversity
of the 2007 Fellows is worth noting.  They range from the 30-year-old
fiction writer Daniel Alarcón of Oakland, California, and the 29-year-old
video and sound artist Kalup Linzy of Brooklyn, New York, to the 75-year-old
medieval and Renaissance historian, Meredith Parsons Lillich, of Syracuse,
New York.  The 189 new Fellows range not only in age but also in their
interests, as the following samples show:   Jane Ira Bloom¹s musical
composition based on Freud¹s Interpretation of Dreams; Warwick Anderson¹s
research on the science of race mixing in the twentieth century; Rennan
Barkana¹s study of gas and stars in the early universe; Sidra DeKoven
Ezrahi¹s literary research on Jerusalem and the poetics of return; Timothy
Beach¹s scholarly work related to the environmental history of the Maya
lowlands; William Ferris¹ historical research regarding the Mississippi
blues; and Dina Rizk Khoury¹s study of war and remembrance in Iraq.

Our new Fellows also include Neil Foley, who is studying civil rights in
Texas and the Southwest, 1940-1965; David Frankfurter of Durham, New
Hampshire, who is researching Christianization in late antique Egypt; the
poet, Erica Funkhouser, who is a lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology; Ann Gale, a painter from Seattle, Washington; Enrique García
Santo-Tomás, who is studying fiction by war veterans in early modern Spanish
literature, 1550-1680; Melissa James Gibson, a playwright from Brooklyn, New
York, who is interested in the architecture of memory; Ed Folsom¹s study of
Walt Whitman¹s Leaves of Grass; Susan Ashbrook Harvey¹s research on Biblical
women and women¹s choirs in Syriac tradition; Carola Hein¹s scholarly
studies on the global architecture of oil; Gail Hershatter¹s research on
rural women and China¹s collective past; Paul Kroll of Denver, Colorado, who
is studying High Tang verse; the poet, Dana Levin, of Santa Fe, New Mexico;
the artist and photographer, Michael Light, of San Francisco, California;
Samuel Nigro, a sculptor from Brooklyn, New York; Richard Owen Prum¹s
research on the biology of feathers; Kay Kaufman Shelemay¹s study of
Ethiopian music and musicians in the United States; David Treuer¹s work on
contemporary reservation life; Michael Wachtel¹s studies of Pushkin¹s lyric
poetry;  Dava Sobel, a science writer, working on Copernicus; and Julie
Stone Peters¹ research on theatrical censorship, obscenity, and the modern

What distinguishes the Guggenheim Fellowship program from all others is the
wide range in interest, age, geography, and institution of those it selects
as it considers applications in 78 different fields, from the natural
sciences to the creative arts.  The new Fellows include writers,
playwrights, painters, sculptors, photographers, film makers,
choreographers, physical and biological scientists, social scientists, and
scholars in the humanities.  Many of these individuals hold appointments in
colleges and universities with 77 institutions being represented by one or
more Fellows.  It is also worth noting that 51 of the new Fellows have no
affiliation with academic institutions or hold only adjunct positions in

Since 1925, according to Mr. Hirsch, the Foundation has granted over $256
million in Fellowships to more than 16,250 individuals.  The Foundation¹s
scores of advisory panels make recommendations to the Committee of
Selection, whose members this year are Roger D. Abrahams, Hum Rosen
Professor Emeritus of Folklore and Folklife, University of Pennsylvania;
John I. Brauman, J. G. Jackson - C. J. Wood Professor of Chemistry, Stanford
University; Lynn A. Hunt, Eugen Weber Professor of Modern European History,
University of California, Los Angeles; Jack Miles, Distinguished Professor
of English and Religious Studies, University of California, Irvine; Peter H.
Raven, President, Missouri Botanical Garden and George Engelmann Professor
of Botany, Washington University; and committee chair Neil J. Smelser,
Director Emeritus, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences,
Stanford, California.

In a time of decreased funding for individuals in the arts, humanities, and
sciences, the Guggenheim Fellowship program has assumed a greatly increased
importance, and the Foundation is successfully raising funds to enable the
appointment of a larger number of Fellows each year.  Scores of Nobel,
Pulitzer, and other prize winners appear on the roll of Fellows, which
includes Ansel Adams, W. H. Auden, Aaron Copland,  Martha Graham, Langston
Hughes, Henry Kissinger, Vladimir Nabokov, Isamu Noguchi, Linus Pauling,
Philip Roth, Paul Samuelson, Wendy Wasserstein, Derek Walcott, James Watson,
and Eudora Welty.

2007 U.S. and Canadian Fellows (by fields)


Music Composition
    Jane Ira Bloom
    Elizabeth Brown
    Don Byron
    Paquito D'Rivera
    David Dzubay
    Rinde Eckert
    John Hollenbeck
    Tania León
    Rudresh K. Mahanthappa
    Dmitri Tymoczko
    David Van Tieghem
    Christopher Buckley
    Greg Delanty
    Erica Funkhouser
    A. Van Jordan
    Dana Levin
    Malena Mörling
    D. Nurkse
    Kathleen Peirces
    Lawrence Raab
    Daniel Alarcón
    Kevin Brockmeier
    Debra Magpie Earling
    Steve Erickson
    Maria Flook
    Heidi Julavits
    Bradford Morrow
    Naeem Murr
    Sabina Murray
    Dana Spiotta
    Raymond Stock
    R. Larry Todd
    Joe Goode
    Dianne McIntyre
    Annie-B Parson
    RoseAnne Spradlin
General Nonfiction
    Jane Brox
    Cynthia Carr
    W. Ralph Eubanks
    Fenton Johnson
    Verlyn Klinkenborg
    Suketu Mehta
    Doug Peacock
    Leila Stott Philip
    David Treuer
    Michele Wucker
Fine Arts
    SoHyun Bae
    Rosalyn Bodycomb
    Jennifer Bolande
    Robert Bordo
    Natalie Charkow Hollander
    Chris Lan Hui Chou
    Ann Gale
    Mary Hambleton
    Alan David Loehle
    Samuel Nigro
    Karyn Andrea Olivier
    Sarah Oppenheimer
    Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz
    James Robert Stewart
    Barbara Weissberger
    Stephen Westfall
    Tommy White
Drama and Performance Art
    Melissa James Gibson
    Michael Light
    Richard Ross
    Alex Webb
    Donald Weber
    Jeff Whetstone
    Shawn Atkins
    Hisham M. Bizri
    Kenneth Eng
    Brett R. Ingram
    Jim Jennings
    Laura Poitras
    Amie Siegel
    Scott Stark
Video and Audio
    Bruce Charlesworth
    Kalup Linzy

    Jeffrey F. Brock
    Eric Urban
Computer Science
    Michael X. Goemans
    Sanjeev Khanna
    Salil Vadhan
Applied Mathematics
    Michael Goldstein
    Michael P. Flynn
    Peter H. McMurry
Astronomy - Astrophysics
    Rennan Barkana
    Edmund Bertschinger

    Roberto D. Merlin
    Shoucheng Zhang
    Eric R. Bittner
    Geraldine Richmonder
Molecular and Cellular Biology
    Bob Goldstein
    Mark Winey
Organismic Biology and Ecology
    David A. Baum
    Richard Owen Prum
    Pej Rohani

Plant Sciences
    Andrew H. Paterson
    Jorge M. Vivanco
Medicine and Health
    Nikos Chrisochoides
    Peter  Zandstra
Earth Science
    Arjun M. Heimsath
    Jerry Xhelal Mitrovica
    J. David Neelin
Science Writing
    Alan Burdick
    Richard Conniff
    Dava Sobel
    Michael J. Tarr
    Sandra R. Waxman
    Pamela Barnhouse Walters
Anthropology and Cultural Studies
    Daphne Berdahl
    Tanya Luhrmann
    Peter Nabokov
    Nick Spitzer
    Nancy Sullivan

    Lawrence D. Bobo
    Victor Nee
    Mary L. Dudziak
    Michael McCann
    Mark Gertler
    José Alexandre Scheinkman

    Margaret Crawford
    Anne Whiston Spirn
Political Science
    Daniel Carpenter
    Stathis N. Kalyvas
    Arthur  Lupia
Geography and Environmental Studies
    Timothy  Beach
    Diana K. Davis
    Paul Horwich
    Catherine Anne Brekus
    Fred M. Donner
    Michael Philip Penn
    Michael L. Satlow
    David Gordon White
Intellectual and Cultural History
    James Clifforda
    Philippa  Levine
    Laurie Shannon
    Bernard Wasserstein
History of Science and Technology
    Warwick Anderson
    Domenico Bertoloni Meli
    Pamela O. Long
    Peter Pesic
    A. Mark Smith
    John Walbridge
Medieval History
    Meredith Parsons Lillich
Renaissance History
    Thomas James Dandelet
German and East European History
    Heide Fehrenbach

Russian History
    J. Arch Getty
    Gary Marker
    Mark D. Steinberg
French History
    Mary Louise Roberts
Iberian and Latin American History
    Sara Tilghman Nalle
    Teofilo F. Ruiz
United States History
    Neil Foley
    Daniel T. Rodgers
    Robert  Self
East Asian Studies
    Gail Hershatter
    Paul W. Kroll
South Asian Studies
    Cynthia Talbot
Near Eastern Studies
    David Frankfurter
    Susan Ashbrook Harvey
    Dina Rizk Khoury
    Piotr Michalowski
African Studies
    Peter D. Little
    Shadi Bartsch
Medieval Literature
    Kathryn Kerby-Fulton
Slavic Literature
    Michael Wachtel
Italian Literature
    Lawrence Venuti
Spanish and Portuguese Literature
    William Baer
    Enrique García Santo-Tomás
English and American Literature
    Ed Folsom
    Robert J. Griffin
    Michael Scrivener
Literary Criticism
    Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi
    Michael Gorra
    Nigel Smith
    Lisa Zunshine
Folklore and Popular Culture
    William Ferris
Fine Arts Research
    Margaretta M. Lovell
    Erika Naginski
    Andrew M. Watsky
Architecture and Design
    Carola  Hein
Film, Video, and Radio Studies
    Rick Altman
Music Research
    Kay Kaufman Shelemay
    Anne C. Shreffler
Theatre Arts
    Julie Stone Peters

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