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In Memoriam


As a tribute to Herb Pomeroy, the IAJE / WPI web site called the "New
England Jazz History Database" is now featuring performance and interview
video of Herb Pomeroy from a 1997 edition of the award-winning jazz
performance program "Studio 3," which aired on WGMC-TV3 in Worcester from


Visit the New England Jazz History Database at:




"Studio 3" was produced and hosted by Toni Ballard. Herb Pomeroy's segments
on the Jazz History Database site were edited and posted by Mike Drnek
(President, WPI JazzGroup) and Rich Falco (Director of Jazz Studies, WPI). 

All rights reserved.



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Although we were all prepared, I must say that the passing of Herb Pomeroy
comes as terrible news and with a huge feeling of loss.


I won't go into my personal relationship with him, but suffice it to say
that he was a mentor who had a profound impact on my teaching and
understanding the delicate balance of personal integrity and jazz music.


As a celebration of his life and music, I immediately began the editing of
video I had begun preparing for the IAJE jazzhistorydatabase.com web site.


The video work was completed and posted last night and is available publicly
now at the IAJE / WPI jazz history web site:




Please pass this information on to anyone you think is interested in Herb's
life and music, and feel free to link to it from other sites.


Thank you.



Richard Falco

Director of Jazz Studies

WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)

(508) 831-5794

(508) 831-6621 FAX




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