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Sat Feb 24 11:13:09 EST 2007

Dear friends,
I try to avoid clogging your inboxes with "Newsletter" mailings. Most of you
only hear from me when I have a gig in your area to tell you about. But
every once in a while there's just too much good stuff not too let you in on
New CD Release: Love and Beauty. We're very excited about our new trio CD,
Love and  <BLOCKED::http://www.robertajazz.com/rptrio.html> Beauty. Love and
Beauty features my working trio for the last couple of years, Ratzo Harris
on bass and Billy Mintz on drums - two unique and remarkable musicians.
While the official "street date" is April 5, you can purchase the download
version NOW at www.robertajazz.com <BLOCKED::http://www.robertajazz.com>  .
If you are a member of the Fourth Estate, email us back to request a
courtesy copy either by mail or download as well as a proper press release. 
CD Release show in April. Those of you on the East coast, please save
Thursday, April 5th. That's the date of our CD release party for Love and
Beauty. It will be held at the Kitano at 38th and Park Ave in NYC (no cover
charge). The Kitano has a very good Steinway baby grand, a good listening
atmosphere, and (on April 5) us. Sets are at 8pm and 9:45pm.
Nabokov Project Performance. Stay tuned for more info about a fall
performance of my work, Five Poems by
<BLOCKED::http://www.robertajazz.com/nabokov.html> Nabokov for
mezzo-soprano, speaker, piano, and violin.
New web site. The Roberta Piket web site has been completely redesigned
courtesy of New York Geek Girls <BLOCKED::http://www.nygeekgirls.com> . I'm
very pleased with the new site. We've added a lot more info to the home
page, to make it easier to find the important info. Now just by clicking on
www.robertajazz.com <BLOCKED::http://www.robertajazz.com> , you can directly
access info about the new CD, Love and Beauty
<BLOCKED::http://www.robertajazz.com/rptrio.html> , and video of the trio,
as well as recent press raves about us. Still present is the suggested jazz
piano  <BLOCKED::http://www.robertajazz.com/discography.html> discography
under the educational section.  
Subscribe to our youtube channel. Speaking of video, we have indeed begun
posting some choice footage of the trio on tour. In addition to seeing this
on our home page, we will periodically be posting to our
<BLOCKED::http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=rpiket> new youtube space. You
can subscribe in order to be notified when new videos are posted by us on
youtube. I've got a backlog of three videos worth of touring, so expect to
see more and more great clips of Billy, Ratzo, me and our "adventurous
Back in Europe. Many of you know I was fortunate to perform in Europe last
spring as well as last fall. I'll be back in Europe this spring. Dates are
still in the works, so I'll keep you posted. And if you're going to be
there, let me know as well.
Thanks for your support!
-From the mythical "Roberta Team"
*Don Heckman - LA Times
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