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Mon Mar 5 12:31:55 EST 2007

Hello All,
I'd like to call your attention to coverage of the Michael Brecker Memorial Service -- sadly enough, it seems most of the in-depth coverage of the memorial itself was limited to NY-area newspapers. This prompted me to write my own article, and post it to allaboutjazz.com.  To my great surprise and honor, they made it a featured article on the site this week.  "Michael Brecker: Celebration of a Healer" can be found at http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=24869

Please read it, and pass the link along to anyone you know who might also be interested. I think the celebration of the end of his life is as important as almost any facet of the rest of his life, and people should know how he was "sent off" to the next level.  He leaves behind an immeasurable, unquantifiable legacy. There are, and were, few like him -- musically, creatively, and in spirit.

Bill Siegel
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