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The following new items are currently posted on the INDEPENDENT EAR BLOG on
www.openskyjazz.com <http://www.openskyjazz.com/> :


*	The latest Artist's POV is a Q&A with the brilliant flutist-composer
out of Chicago and the AACM, NICOLE MITCHELL, discussing her newly
commissioned work in honor of the late sci-fi writer Octavia Butler and
other elements of her blossoming career


*	Our current Presenter's POV journeys to the nation's capital for the
nuts & bolts of TRANSPARENT PRODUCTIONS, DC's home for cutting edge
improvised music; a DIY story that may inspire other like-minded efforts in
your community


*	WOE IS IAJE is our editorial rant on the current very sorry and
quite sad state of affairs at the International Association for Jazz
Education, the one jazz organization that always seemed to be the Rock of
Gibraltar of jazz support organizations. at least that was until the
post-2008 conference rumblings out of Manhattan, Kansas began to surface.
(Pt. 2 is our response to an anonymous comment posting; just to set the
record straight).


As always your comments are welcomed and encouraged. and may lead to further
examination of a given issue or item.



Willard Jenkins

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