[members-announce] New Independent Ear additions

Willard Jenkins muzikmuse at comcast.net
Thu Dec 11 19:22:52 EST 2008

The following items have been added to the year-end edition of The
Independent Ear at www.openskyjazz.com <http://www.openskyjazz.com/> : 


*	Our list of favored 2008 new release & reissued records (yeah, we
still call 'em "records").


*	The first playlist from our new WPFW (89.3 FM, Pacifica Radio for
the Washington, DC metro area) program Ancient/Future.


*	Book review, the most highly recommended book of '08: A Power
Stronger Than Itself, The AACM and American Experimental Music by George E.
Lewis (University of Chicago Press).


*	A new anecdote from the forthcoming book African Rhythms: the
autobiography of Randy Weston.


*	A fond finale - for now - New Orleans diary on an eventful month of
November in the Crescent City.


Wishing all a Happy Holiday season. and as always your comments are most



Willard Jenkins

www.openskyjazz.com <http://www.openskyjazz.com/>  

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