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Willard Jenkins muzikmuse at comcast.net
Mon Jun 23 17:21:53 EDT 2008

Attention Intrepid Readers:

Now available for your reading pleasure are two new installments in our
ongoing NOLA/New Orleans Diary:


*	#Xl: Feel Like Funkin' it Up on what some thought was a dead entity:
vibrant live music in a black neighborhood joint - and we're talking live
music with jazz as one of it's core flavors!


*	#Xll: A Staunch Jazz Traditionalist on perhaps the most noted
upholder of the traditional New Orleans jazz sound, stellar
clarinetist-historian Dr. Michael White. 


You are invited to sample these latest installments to the Independent Ear
Blog at www.openskyjazz.com <http://www.openskyjazz.com/> ... And as always,
your comments are welcomed and encouraged.



Willard Jenkins

www.openskyjazz.com <http://www.openskyjazz.com/>  

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