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"The Manhattan Transfer of the 21st Century." - The Boston Globe


"Thoroughly modern, bright, and fresh take on ensemble jazz vocals that
effectively updates the entire genre." 

- AllAboutJazz.com


CD Release Celebration Thursday, March 27th at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge,



The electrifying, Boston-based vocal jazz quartet SYNCOPATION announces the
release of their new CD, WONDERFUL YOU - their first U.S. recording in six
years - on Thursday, March 27, 2008.  On the new CD, Syncopation
reinterprets pop songs from the past 30 years, including songs by Radiohead,
Mr. Mister, the Stylistics, Earth Wind and Fire, Joni Mitchell, and piano
phenom Hiromi, transforming R&B, soul, folk rock, fusion and electropop with
their own jazz harmonies, rhythms and style.  Along with singers Aubrey
Logan (soprano, trombone), Christine Fawson (alto, trumpet), David Thorne
Scott (tenor) and Tsunenori "Lee" Abe (bass, arranger/composer), WONDERFUL
YOU features Syncopation's touring band, Mark Shilansky on piano, Steve
Langone on drums, Greg Holt on bass and Marcus Santos on percussion. The CD
will be available at Amazon.com, CDBaby.com and the group's website,


Syncopation celebrates the release of WONDERFUL YOU on Thursday, March 27 at
9PM at Ryles Jazz Club, 212 Hampshire Street in Cambridge, MA.  Opening the
show at 8:30 will be the Massachusetts All-State High School Jazz Choir,
whose guest conductor this year is David Thorne Scott.  Tickets are $12 and
can be purchased by calling 617-876-9330, or online at rylesjazz.com.
Performing with Syncopation will be Mark Shilansky (piano), Greg Holt (bass)
Mike Casano (drums) and Marcus Santos on percussion.  



"Breakout" was a hit in the '80s for Swing Out Sister, an English band with
some jazz sensibilities, so it wasn't a stretch to modify the tune with a
groove from Brazil: samba de paltido alto.  Percussionist Marcus Santos came
up with the intro, a call-and-response percussion dialogue, in the recording
studio, and the result is something you might hear from a street band in
Rio.  On "I Can Fly" Howard Boles' lyrics soar over Lee Abe's peaceful,
floating melody.  The tension builds gradually until David's tenor voice
dramatically takes a turn into a new key.  At the end, the calm returns like
a feather settling to earth.  The arrangement gives each of the four singers
a chance to make a statement.  "Wonderful You" is by world-renowned jazz
piano phenomenon Hiromi Uehara, who also happens to be a friend of Lee.  He
heard the groovy perfection of her tune "Big Chill," a bonus track on the
Japanese edition of her Telarc recording Spiral, and asked if he could
arrange it for Syncopation.  After securing Hiromi's blessing, Christine
fleshed it out with lyrics.  "High and Dry" is a song by Radiohead, an
inspiration for many independent musicians for its efforts to change the
dynamic of the music business.  The group also happens to write some amazing
songs, including this heartbreaking plea about abandonment.  Aubrey goes way
up into soprano-land to bring home the message, up and over the wordless
dance of the other three voices.  


"Invisible War" is by Julia Fordham, a UK-based singer/songwriter who is
going the independent route these days after having some success on the pop
charts in the '80s and '90s.  Christine plumbs the depths of regret in
Fordham's poignant lyrics, accompanied solely by Mark at the piano.  This
arrangement is an intimate exploration of a personal message.  "Broken
Wings" was the first single for Mr. Mister.  When David was growing up,
bands like Mr. Mister made it cool for guys to sing high notes.  This
arrangement distills the aching feeling of the original by adding
atmospheric jazz harmonies, a "Tutu"-esque trumpet solo by Christine, and a
long, slow buildup to the solid backbeat on the final chorus.  The
sophisticated 1970s soul music of the Stylistics' "Betcha By Golly Wow,"
with its meter changes and surprising chord progressions, is prime material
for jazz exploration.  This easy listening hit gets new life with a
hard-driving 12/8 groove and a searing vocal solo by Christine.  "Getaway"
is Earth, Wind and Fire's funky masterpiece.  Who knew that its dance-floor
intensity would translate so well to up-tempo swing?  Everyone gets to
stretch out and improvise on this barnburner.  "Both Sides Now" is an
examination of life and love by one of modern music's most celebrated
masters, Joni Mitchell, who recorded this song at age 26 and again at age
57.  The a cappella arrangement features a dazzling solo by Aubrey,
expressing both the innocence and the experience of Joni's message.



The Boston Globe calls Syncopation the "Manhattan Transfer of the 21st
Century," and like that legendary vocal group, Syncopation performs jazz and
pop music that is both timeless and up-to-the-minute.  These four young
singer/musicians affiliated with Berklee College of Music have performed
across the U.S. at the 2006 Tanglewood Jazz Festival, the Tri-C Vocal Jazz
Festival, the Boston Globe Jazz Festival, the Meihou Music Festival, and the
2004 and 2006 International Association for Jazz Education Conferences in
New York City.  The group also regularly tours Japan.  Syncopation's style
includes bebop, Latin, and pop influences.  The group performs a cappella as
well as with a band, and each of the four singers is also an instrumentalist
who is occasionally featured playing trumpet, trombone, piano, and
percussion.  Formed in January 2002, Syncopation was mentored by Cheryl
Bentyne of the Manhattan Transfer.  Their first album, A NEW DANCE, was
released in 2003 and featured contributions from bebop trombone legend Phil
Wilson, formidable jazz fusion trumpeter Tiger Okoshi, and Paul Stiller of
the vocal group Vox One.  In 2004 the group signed a record contract with
Geneon Entertainment in Japan, and their album OF BLUE, recorded in Tokyo
with some of Japan's hottest jazz musicians, including pianist Satoru "Salt"
Shinoya, was released nationwide in Japan in November of that year.  For
more information about Syncopation, visit: www.jazzsyncopation.com
<http://www.jazzsyncopation.com/> .


To hear cuts from WONDERFUL YOU, visit Syncopation's electronic press kit
at:  http://www.sonicbids.com/syncopation.



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