[members-announce] Free Roberta Piket CD if you donate to Obama

Roberta Piket roberta at robertajazz.com
Mon Oct 20 17:12:22 EDT 2008

Hey New Yorkers.


I know we often feel kind of powerless living in a “non-swing” state (from a
political, not jazz, perspective). To alleviate my sense of not being able
to do enough, I’m offering a free CD to anyone on my NY mailing list who can
make the following donation:


Donate at least $35 to Barack Obama’s campaign this week and you have a
choice of one of the following:  

Sharp Five: Intersect 

(great quintet featuring myself, Virginia Mayhew, Jamie Baum, Nicki Parrott,
Alison Miller).

Roberta Piket and Alternating Current: I’m Back in Therapy and it’s All Your

(Roberta goes psychedelic electric with a Wurly. Featuring Bruce Arnold,
Cliff Schmidt and Kirk Driscoll)



If you can donate at least $100 I’ll send you a copy of the latest acoustic

Roberta Piket Trio: Love and Beauty 

(while supplies last – I’ve got about 20 left.)


I am trying to make this affordable to everyone. If you can afford to donate
more, please do. The race is still very tight. 




Just email me your receipt. Or if that makes you uncomfortable just tell me
you made the donation and I’ll trust you. This offer is only valid for
people on my list. (If I extend it to people outside the list I may run out
of CDs!)


Note: I know not everyone on this list is an Obama supporter and I apologize
if you are offended by this email. Please eschew the replies about how silly
and naïve I am and how you’re going to burn my CDs and how much you (still)
hate Bill Clinton. I’ve already read them. If you want to donate to the
candidate of your choice you are more than welcome to do that. I encourage
everyone to get involved in the political process. 


If you’d like to be removed from this list this just let me know. 


Best Regards,




Video, audio and more at 

www.robertajazz.com and myspace.com/robertapiket


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