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The following new content has posted at The Independent Ear


*        The latest contributor to our ongoing series of conversations with
black music writers, "Ain't But a Few of Us" continues with Kelvin L.
Williams (who has written frequently under the byline K. Leander Williams).


*        Go Crate Digging with broadcaster-journalist and intrepid vinyl
hunter Miles Willis. (and as always we invite any dedicated crate diggers
out there to contribute to this series; drop a line at
willard at openskyjazz.com)... 


*        Track an intriguing new record release:
clarinetist-composer-educator Darryl Harper's Stories in Real Time
(HiPNOTIC), and the leader's curious identity choice.


*        We follow up on our
artist's-responsibility-in-the-jazz-audience-development-equation editorial
observations from last time with a hopeful young artist sighting: trumpeter
Christian Scott.


*        And catch up on the latest playlists from Ancient Future - the
radio program.


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