[members-announce] Auand Records from Italy

Marco Valente jazzengine at gmail.com
Sun Apr 11 05:50:21 EDT 2010

some of you probably knows my label Auand Records.
If not please take a look at the website www.auand.com
I will be in New York from April 17th to May 12th and I can bring some
promos with me.
Please check the catalogue and let me know if you are curious of
listening to some of the productions.
Of course I will be happy to meet you and talk about the label as
well. Or just have a beer and talk about Berlusconi :)
And, of course, if you are not in NY I can mail promos wherever you are!
Enjoy spring!

marco valente

skype: marcoje
US phone: 646-639-8169



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