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showcase music from their debut CD, Only Moment, and new compositions

 ROZANNE LEVINE ­ alto clarinet, clarinet, bamboo flute, compositions
   PERRY ROBINSON - clarinets
     MARK WHITECAGE ­ clarinet, soprano sax
        ROSI HERTLEIN ­ violin, voice

Friday, May 7th

Yippie Museum Cafe, in Greenwich Village at
9 Bleecker Street between Bowery and Elizabeth Street, New York City
Yippie Museum website - http://www.yippiemuseum.org,
Telephone:  (212)677-5918

8:00 PM - two sets

$10. cover for both sets

Check my web site for audio samples from "Only Moment"

Check out CDBaby for audio samples and CD/MP3 buying information:

     Speaking of clarinetist and composer Rozanne Levine's latest recording,
Cadence music critic Phillip McNally acknowledges her as a "mature artist"
making a "powerful statement" ­ an artist who has "labored long and hard at
[her] craft, found [her] individual voice."  She focuses on guided
improvisations and compositions that allow for creative input from her
musicians, and cherishes intuitive organic communication in her music.
Sonic conversations emerge and develop as Chakra Tuning explores textures,
sonorities and space.  The music weaves in and out of melodies, exploring
rhythms, moods and inner space in a transforming, unfolding journey.

    Ms. Levine performs on alto clarinet, clarinet and bamboo flute, and her
long-time band mate Mark Whitecage joins her on clarinet and soprano sax.
Adding their totally original voices to Chakra Tuning are clarinetist Perry
Robinson and violinist/vocalist Rosi Hertlein.

      Ms. Levine draws inspiration for her compositions from various myths,
cosmologies, spiritual traditions and current events, out of which she and
her band mates weave a musical tapestry.  Bird whistles, ocarinas, half
horns, indian rattles, percussion and storytelling play a part in the group
sound.  Chakra Tuning released their highly-praised debut CD, Only Moment,
in June 2009, on Ms. Levine and Mr. Whitecage's label, Acoustics.

      All the members of Chakra Tuning are acclaimed composers and
bandleaders.  Rozanne Levine  has worked with dancers, poets, actors, sound
sculptors, in bands large and small, and with some of the most creative
musicians on both coasts, including Anthony Braxton, William Parker, Jason
Kao Hwang, The New Reed Quartet, Mark Whitecage and the Bi-Coastal
Orchestra, and the Improvisors Collective Orchestra, among others.  Mark
Whitecage is internationally known as an innovative instrumentalist and
composer in the fields of jazz and new music. He has performed
internationally and recorded with some of the leading artists of our time,
including Jeanne Lee, Anthony Braxton, Jacques Coursil, The Nu Band, Drunk
Butterfly, Gunter Hampel, Mario Pavone, Joe McPhee, William Parker, Marshall
Allen and Steve Swell.  Perry Robinson is a master of the clarinet in jazz,
folk and avant-garde music who has worked with everyone from Dave Brubeck
and Bill Dixon to Pete Seeger, George Clinton, Badal Roy and Anthony
Braxton; and Rosi Hertlein is a breathtaking improviser on both violin and
voice who has performed and recorded with Cecil Taylor, Pauline Oliveros,
Joe McPhee, Joe Giardullo, Ivo Perelman, Wendy Osserman Dance Company, and
Howard Johnson, to name a few.  Ms. Hertlein is also an experienced educator
currently teaching in the New York City area.


"Rozanne Levine has done remarkable work with Mark Whitecage in various
musical settings, but 'Only Moment' is a treasure even by their lofty
standards. Š Levine's rich sonorous alto clarinet is palpable on songs like
the opening 'Blues Lullaby in F' and the moody, brooding 'Lost Freedoms' Š
Free form interplay abounds Š When the horns blend together, the harmonies
are rich and thick Š Winsome and winning, 'Only Moment' is another amazing
gem from Whitecage and Levine."  - George Harris, All About Jazz

"As soon as one spins 'Only Moment'Šthe room is pervaded by presences
resembling spirits of wellbeing. Š Listening to these artists reveal their
fundamental nature through the full command of the instruments is just
amazing.  All kinds of clarinets, saxophones, ocarinas, bird whistles and
percussion are utilized by the nominal leader and her long-time male
companions, while Hertlein - a mean violinist - also sings and handles
additional percussive chores with the same nimbleness. The artists'
technique might be admirable, and indeed it is. But what really wins for me
is the sort of opposition to hopelessness that this gorgeous recording
generates as early as the circulation of the first notes in the air." -
Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

"Rozanne Levine and her mates are pure musicians, using nature as a
touchstone for their musical debate. ŠThe three reedists, Levine, Mark
Whitecage and Perry Robinson, sound a spirited interplay of voices that,
along with violinist/percussionist Rosi Hertlein's foggy mourn and
branch-snapping alarms, pulls you deeper into the forest.  The cacophony of
life only grows in variety and wonder."  - Matt Marshall, Jazz Inside

"Rozanne Levine's Chakra Tuning Š is a ritualistic exploration of space,
timbre and communication Š this disc subsumes the clarinetist's delicate
weavings of breath, line, voice and gesture into the group's fabric.  Even
when the foursome surge and pirouette, 'Only Moment' retains an
extraordinarily meditative, almost therapeutic quality." - Clifford Allen,
Signal to Noise

"It is spiritual music in its essence, but also an adventurous journey into
musical form and dialogue, intense at times, then more relaxed and probing,
now full of unexpected turns and interactions. All four musicians are
excellent instrumentalists and their open dialogue is really worth hearing Š
the real joy is in the intimate dialogue between the four musicians."  -
Stef Gijssels, freejazz-stef.blogspot.com

"I love the record, and it has been sitting in my 'heavy rotation' pile Š
Congratulations on that."  -  Brian Morton, editor, The Penguin Guide to

"This is a remarkable CD and music making of the highest order.  I have been
playing it on my show and will certainly continue to do so."  - John Hammel,
host, "Mozart to Motorhead", HomeGrownRadioNJ.com

"The first piece, 'Blues Lullaby in F' is a lovely, somber piece for solo
clarinet which I found to be completely sublime.  'Thunder Talks' begins
with just subtle percussion, ocarina, voice and other exquisite earthy
sounds.  It has an organic elegance that I find to be ever so fine, like
meditating on the sounds of the forest.  On 'Lost Freedoms' we hear a few
layers of clarinets that sound orchestral, with superb harmonies.  There is
a unique blend and sound here that is quite magical. Perhaps it is the
subtle electronics that Mark Whitecage employs that makes this so special.
Although each clarinet is distinct with its own sound, the combination of
three strong players makes this a particularly wonderful tapestry."  - Bruce
Lee Gallanter, Proprietor, Downtown Music Gallery


 - Saturday, August 28 ­ RoMarkable / Rozanne Levine & Mark Whitecage at
Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck, NY

 - Saturday, September 11 ­ Nicki Mathis' Afrikan Amerikan Jazz New
Millennium All Stars, The Many Colors of A Woman 24th Annual Jazz Festival,
Hartford, CT

 - Early March 2011 ­ Chakra Tuning USA Tour ­ BOOKING NOW!!
        The Bop Shop, Rochester, NY
        Other venues to be announced
Please contact ROZANNE for booking and more information:
romarkable at verizon.net
Rozanne Levine
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